Adventures by Disney {Scotland: Inverness – Monsters & Dark Waters}

Today was a day of folklore and ancient mystery where we spent our time learning all about monsters and dark waters at Loch Ness by day and handling birds of prey by night!

Adventures by Disney Scotland
Day 1: Edinburgh – Failte!
Day 2: Edinburgh – Wrapped Up in Edinburgh
Day 3: Kelso – The Royal Treatment
Day 4: Inverness & The Highlands – History of the Highlands
Day 5: Inverness – Monsters & Dark Waters
Day 6: Inverness – Alba gu brath
Day 7: Inverness – Caledonian Escapades
Day 8: Inverness – Turas Math Dhut!

Loch Ness Exhibition Centre

We took our motor coach to Loch Ness and had time on our own to explore the exhibition center, with its artful presentation of both facts and lore about the loch. I went in very skeptical, but left thinking there is probably a yet to be named species of some sort of eel that has been living and breeding in the Loch for over a thousand years. The Scots are extremely passionate about Nessie and have been so practical in presenting facts and letting visitors make their own decision. Do you think Nessie really exists?

Boating Across Loch Ness with Urquhart Castle Photo Op

Next we set sail on a deep scan cruise on Loch Ness aboard a research vessel. Hearing how people have devoted their life’s work to research Nessie did sway me from skeptic to believing something is definitely down there. I didn’t spend my time solely searching the depths of the lock to see what may lurk beneath, although I did give a valiant effort. I also couldn’t help but soak in the splendor of the surrounding Scottish landscape and the majestic Urquhart Castle. Scotland is truly beautiful.

Private Lunch at the Loch Ness Café

Come afternoon, we took a break from our Nessie-hunt to enjoy lunch in the cozy Loch Ness Café. We had the supreme treat of a lunch presentation by Mr. Loch Ness himself.

Canoeing at Loch Ness

Adventures by Disney itineraries always offer the perfect mix of activities. Next, we took a journey across the River Oich and along the Caledonian Canal to the shore of Loch Ness to meet our canoe guides. Once settled into our canoes, we paddled out on the southern end of the iconic Loch Ness. We enjoyed an array of interesting sites, including Fort Augustus Abbey, the old paddle steamer pier, a crannog site (an ancient dwelling on the loch that dates back from 3,000 – 5,000 years ago) and the engineering masterpiece that is Thomas Telford’s Caldonian Canal. You can bet on the fact that I kept my eyes wide open for possible Nessie sightings! :-)

For Guests that do not want to participate in the canoeing activity, an alternative guided walk activity was available!

Falconry Experience

Our early evening was set aside for falconry – a centuries-old sport that is truly an art form. Expert falconers will showed us the finesse, subtlety and skill that is required, and taught us so much about these graceful and elegant birds of prey. It was an extremely casual gathering where we were about to group around our hosts and each move about as we wished. A very cool, hands-on falconry experience like I haven’t had before.

Dinner and Evening On Your Own in Inverness

We made the walk into Inverness and had dinner at MacGregor’s Pub. It was a lively and spirited night resplendent with cold cider, hearty comfort food and live music. We loved it so much that we ended up buying the shirt. (for my guy) :-)

All About Adventures by Disney

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2 thoughts on “Adventures by Disney {Scotland: Inverness – Monsters & Dark Waters}

  1. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying your travels. I love the storys you tell about the places. I would go in a second but I use a walker and you have to be in shape to do all that. I am living thru you. What a trip thank you for sharing


  2. Seeing all your pictures of Scotland and The Highlands really makes me know why my husband’s late grandfather and his family choose Roanoke, VA to live when they immigrated to the United States from Scotland. The mountains and lakes of Scotland remind me so much of Roanoke, VA so I guess it felt like their homeland in many ways. I really enjoyed hearing all about Nessie and the Loch Ness Monster. I guess in many ways, that’s Scotland’s Bigfoot….lol! Safe travels home and enjoy your last days in Scotland. I take it from the jackets and long sleeves, it’s on the chilly side there.

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