Back to School in the South

Just like that and school is back in session for my TWO high schoolers!!!  (deep breath) I know, I know…. we go back ridiculously early.  We do!  But, my kids know no different.  We get 10 weeks of summer and a couple extra week long breaks during the school year and we really do like the schedule.

After a festive luau breakfast (more tomorrow), John was off for the first day of his senior year. He is giddy with anticipation and was all smiles, as evidenced by the photo below.

Graduation Door Hanger

My, how the years do pass.

Whit was off to his first day of high school at the same time. I think I mentioned this towards the end of 8th grade, but all on his own accord he applied to, was accepted and decided to attend a different high school from John focused on advanced studies in math, science and technology. We are so incredibly proud of him – he’s always been true to himself and has always carved out his own path in life. Nerves are high for this new adventure. <3

School Door Hangers

I’m praying over my boys, their teachers, their classmates and the schools today. To all of you heading back this week, I’m sending all of my best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!

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2 thoughts on “Back to School in the South

  1. So exciting to have a Senior! I pray it’s a great year for both your boys! I also have a Senior and was hoping you planned to share how you decorated for the school gala you mentioned you were helping decorate. I’d love to see if I can apply any decor tips to my son’s Senior festivities as well. Thanks so much for always inspiring us!

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