Go Wildcats School Kick-off Breakfast

Since our first day of school was also the Senior Luau Breakfast, I promised Whit we would do our traditional pancake breakfast later in the week. Well, time got away and we ended up doing breakfast for dinner. Everyone loved it even more than breakfast since it didn’t mean getting up extra early.

I went all in on the Wildcats decor – having used some time this summer to decorate megaphones and make the bunting. I figure it will get plenty of use over the next four years. I also used two Happy Everything attachments that went with the theme.

We enjoyed pancakes, fruit and delicious brown sugar maple bacon. (Drizzle the bacon with real maple syrup, sprinkle with brown sugar and then bake on a rack in the oven per the package directions.)

The table stand is new and I already have so many ideas on how to put it to use! I cut the Wildcats letters out on my cricut and then added ribbons to the ends in school colors. I mentioned last week that I stock up on large spools of ribbons and then will have them on hand throughout their school years!

I set the table with blue and yellow items I already owned, and added some yellow roses to the hydrangeas left over from the Raider Ball (will share soon)! We had a blue and yellow kitchen back when we first got married and I still love that color combination. I made the pennant flag on the cricut as well.

It was a festive and fun “first day breakfast” to celebrate Whit starting high school!


Go Wildcats!

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4 thoughts on “Go Wildcats School Kick-off Breakfast

  1. Go, Whit, Go!!! 📘📒📘 Have a wonderful freshman year and keep following your heart. 🥞🥓 Rooting for you from Southern California! 🌴 Jane

  2. Does Whit know that he has a whole fan club rooting for him? LOL…and of course, John too…they are so gracious to allow you to post these milestone events so we can steal your ideas and celebrate with our children and grandchildren. Please thank them both!

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