Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Senior Photo Challenge}

I used some of my down time lately to pour through 17.5 years of photos of John. Gosh, what a sweet trip down memory lane. As I flipped every page in every album I just marveled at how fast this went. I chose pictures for his Senior Tribute, and also picked my 10 favorites for the “Senior photo challenge” nearly everyone I know had tagged me in on Facebook. And so, I thought I’d share those favorites with you!

My all time favorite baby pic!

And my favorite toddler pic. I think he was almost 4 here.

The boy has always loved crabs!

The day Honey got his Jeep – it became John’s on his 16th birthday. I also love that he’s holding his “Boo” lovey here.

My boys still love a cup of hot Paris tea. Mother or Sister took this one when I was in the hospital having Whit.

He’s never lacked confidence.

The year he celebrated his birthday on a Disney Cruise!

One of his favorite vacations – Alaska. He was SO happy on that glacier with the dogs.

Sister took this one before his first high school dance – Homecoming Sophomore year.

And, finally, my very favorite of all of the Senior Pics. I love this one SO much!

Time flies. Hold on tight young mamas.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Senior Photo Challenge}

  1. 🥲🥲🥲😥🫣🫣 Awwww, Amanda. I don’t even know you (“in real life” ☺️) but this is really touching. ❤️ It’s hard to believe. You’ve done an outstanding, breathtaking job documenting their lives and being so kind to share all of it. You truly are a delight. 🌸🌸 May God bless all of you. John’s senior photo is wonderful! 🎓 ❤️ Jane 🌴

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