All the 50th Celebrations

We’ve had THREE 50th birthday celebrations in the last three weeks or so! It is so much fun to celebrate friends reaching this milestone and I absolutely love the full blown parties to mark the occasion.

We celebrated sweet JW with a drop in ladies soiree, full of pink and gold, sweets, treats and bubbles. It was perfect for busy moms at a busy time of year. Her sweet mom, dad and sis were even able to join us!

Next was a friend from college – AF did a Caddyshack themed blowout that was SO MUCH FUN! Honey grew up with A’s wife, who was then my own pledge sister in college. She moved back “home” to raise her family just like we did. And so, this evening was an amazing group of our friends from high school, college and today. It was such a great night with amazing decor, fantastic costumes, a great band and dancing!!

We celebrated TM last weekend at a SURPRISE dinner party with the SAE guys. I failed to take a single photo! Boo!

And, while we’re talking about all the 50 things, just before school went back we celebrated K&R in their joint 50th birthday – 25th anniversary event! They had food trucks, an amazing band AND all the teens that love this family even made an appearance.

I think we’ve officially reached our 50th era and I couldn’t be happier about it!

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2 thoughts on “All the 50th Celebrations

  1. The Caddy Shack party is hilarious! You and Honey outdid yourselves and “Rodney Dangerfield” was perfect! 😂😂😂⛳️🦫 Jane 🌴

  2. Fun times!

    Me, husband & many friends entering our 5th decade.

    Man, I definitely don’t take the opportunity to grow old for granted!

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