Celebrating Christmas 2023 {Ornament Trip Souvenirs}

I always love unwrapping our new Christmas ornaments collected from our travels to hang on the tree. This year we added ornaments from Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Paris and Disneyland Paris!

These ornaments are just one of a thousand reasons why I so look forward to pulling out the Christmas bins each year!  We started collecting ornaments on our honeymoon in 2002 and this year had 21 years of memories hanging on the tree.

What do you collect on your travels?

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas 2023 {Ornament Trip Souvenirs}

  1. Same – we always do a family ornament for our souvenir. My boys usually get a tee or hoodie as well. I usually try to get some type of food to remind me of our travels – preferably wine or schnapps or whiskey. If my boys aren’t with me, I’ll get them some sort of candy.

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