A One of a Kind Man

Waking up today the world felt a little dimmer without our remarkable friend John.

Honey and John became best friends in middle school, a camaraderie that spanned nearly four decades. They graduated as class of 1993 Raiders, and attended Georgia Tech together where they were pledge brothers and roomies a few times both at school and on winter jaunts to Colorado. They were there for each others I-do’s, cheered on the Jackets together for many years, faced off in their Butthole Dynasty fantasy league every season (they never do grow up, do they?), and stayed as in touch as much as two grown men can living on opposite sides of the country. They were the best kind of friends that picked up where they left off. The loss feels tremendous.

John was the kind of guy you wanted to know when you walked into the room. He usually had on the most outlandish outfit, or was having more fun than anyone else. Often, both were true. He had a magnetic personality, an incredible sense of humor and an admirable love for life. He organized social events like no other man I’ve known. He mixed and passed out sidecars at every Christmas gathering. He was a huge sports fan, an avid skier and always had the best Halloween costume.

John fought an incredibly courageous battle against brain cancer. I can still remember the moment when we got the devastating news of his diagnosis early this year, and learning that he had passed last night was surreal. It was hard to believe that a man like John could be stricken by such a horrible disease, and it felt certain that if anyone would beat it, it would be him. He moved back to Atlanta with his beautiful wife and precious babies to be near family for help during his treatment, and we are thankful for the time we got to spend with him.

I am grateful that we were able to sit by his bed for hours on Sunday and say our goodbyes. I am thankful for the unwavering friendship he gave to Honey, for the life he brought to every gathering, and for privilege of knowing him myself for the last twenty-five years. I feel gutted thinking that his two precious children are too young to remember him. I feel saddened for his beloved wife and the long road still ahead. I pray that all who love him find peace in the truth that he is whole again. And, I feel certain that John “partied balls” in Heaven last night. He was a great man.

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14 thoughts on “A One of a Kind Man

  1. Oh Amanda… I am so sorry for your and W’s loss! Prayers to your family and John’s family for peace and comfort, especially this first Christmas season without. He sounds like a remarkable man who blessed all who knew him.

  2. Sending peace and comfort to you and Honey. I remember seeing him when you went to Colorado…I’m thinking it was for his wedding…and it was easy to tell he was a beloved character. ❤️ May you be be filled with warmth, knowing he is entering Heaven at Christmas. While it is so devastating for all who knew him, try to focus of what that must be like. May the angels light his way. God bless all, Jane ~ San Diego

  3. I remember seeing him when you went to Colorado, I believed it was for his wedding. This is so sad. My stepsister passed from the same thing and I am so sorry for all who knew him. He looked like a great character and that’s why it’s so easy for a stranger to remember him. 😌 May God be with you and Honey. You will meet again. ❤️ Rejoice that he is entering Heaven at Christmas. What a glorious site that must be! May angels light his path home and may all of you be comforted with comfort and peace. ✨✨✨✨ Jane ~ San Diego

  4. P S…I’m pretty sure that your dear Matthew is already showing John around, just as all of you would be doing…..the best gates, shortest lines, most delicious food, pasta classes, board games and all with heavenly decorations.☺️ Shine on. ✨✨ 😇❤️😇 ✨✨ Jane

  5. What a lovely tribute…it sounds like he was an incredible person to have had in your life. My condolences to you all.

  6. Such a beautiful tribute, my thoughts are with all of you. If his precious wife ever needs any support, especially in the Atlanta area, being a widow with young children, I can connect her if ever needed, offer is always there XOXO

  7. I am so sorry for your loss. God provides us with the most amazing friendships….you will never forget him. My prayers are with you all…his wife and family will need you now more than ever. Loneliness is a powerful emotion…stay close to them.

  8. Amanda you have a way with words. Thank you for being able to bring John “alive” for those of us who did not know him. He sounds remarkable and you have cherished memories to sustain you. Everyone should be fortunate enough to have a John in their life.

  9. So sorry for your loss. My best friend since 8th grade died April 4th after a diagnosis of cancer in late February, at an otherwise healthy and vibrant 61 years old. We are all still in disbelief.

    Blessings to all who loved your friend.

  10. What a loss. What a tribute.

    Sounds like John was the kind of person one should aspire to be.

    The comfort you provided the last months a priceless. Wish you peace.

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