Celebrating Christmas 2023 {The Jingle Jangle Mobile}

When Sister had a conflict getting CeeCee to her cast call Friday night, I was thrilled to step in. Any chance I get to spend with Cee, no matter how brief, makes me soooo happy! She was rushing home from school and had a quick turn around so the plan was for me to grab her some food on the way. At the eleventh hour, I thought… how can I make our time together magic?! And so, my Jingle Jangle Mobile was born.

I laid out a coverlet over my trunk, grabbed a few pillows from sofa, some battery operated snowflakes off my porch, a few provisions as far as dining, and a darling light up gingerbread house. I set it all up on our bed tray, put on the Christmas tunes and was off!

We arrived at the studio with about 20 minutes for our picnic. We climbed in the back and truly had the best little time.

These are the days!

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7 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas 2023 {The Jingle Jangle Mobile}

  1. How adorable! Love using “the good stuff” for a picnic in the car and not just eating out of the bag! And can we just spend a moment on those gorgeous cupcakes!

    CeeCee is so blessed to have you for an aunt!

  2. 🤩 How darn cute! 🚘 🎄Thank you for the clever idea! I’m going to surprise my best friend with something similar the next time we have a quick meet-up at our halfway point. Especially during the Christmas season, it will turn a few minutes into a memory. 😍 This is an official DELIGHT to spring on someone! Best wishes to CeeCee! 🧚🏻🩰🎄Jane 🌴

  3. Amanda,
    You are the best auntie ever! That was such a special touch for CeeCee, and I know she appreciated the thought and effort you put into making your time together special. CeeCee looked so beautiful too. My great-nephew and his class just went to see “The Nutcracker” in our city (Richmond, VA).

  4. You were meant to be a mother! You take the smallest moments and truly make them magical! All your children are blessed having you in their lives in whatever capacity ❤️

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