Whit Celebrates 15 {Hibaci at Home}

Whit celebrated his fifteenth birthday a little early this past weekend with friends! He wanted to cook a hibachi dinner at home, heat up the hot tub and just enjoy time with his crew.

It was a dreary, drizzly night, so we set up our tailgate tent adjacent to the cabana to have space for cooking AND watching the sec championship game.

With all the things going on, I executed this entire party day of. Honey, Mother and I blitzed it. We were at the grocery store for provisions at 8AM, ordered and picked up the cake, made balloon decor, set everything up AND attended Whit’s fine arts showcase prior to the arrivals at 7PM. Whew! I went through all of my party “extras” to find cups, plates, napkins, balloons, etc. It felt great to use up things I had. The #1 was from John’s 18th and thankfully was still in his room. We ran to Michael’s for a 5 to replace the 8. (I wasn’t thinking and gave away the balloon garland from his 18th last week.) Even the foil pans were left over from homecoming. :-)

We set up the blackstone and food table under the tent. Whit wasn’t sure if the kids would want to participate in cooking or just hang out, and it turned out Honey did almost all of the cooking. He loved hanging out with the boys. Whit is at a new school and we don’t know many of his friends yet. I mostly hung inside so that didn’t feel like parents were hovering.

The kids moved from the hot tub to ping pong to the game to the pool (so cold!) to the basement all night and seemed to have a wonderful time! They were all so nice and polite. I love teenagers! I think it’s my favorite stage yet.

The food was absolutely delicious. I thought we had way too much, but once again I underestimated the appetites of 9 teenage boys.

Before departures, I brought out cookie cake and hot chocolate. It was a sweet ending to a sweet evening.

We will still have dinner on Whit’s actual birthday but this was a fabulous and fun early kick-off!

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3 thoughts on “Whit Celebrates 15 {Hibaci at Home}

  1. Happy Birthday. Whit!

    Amanda, can you share details of how to cook the hibachis at home and any recipes & tips, looked like fun evening!

  2. yum!! the food looks awesome and looks like fun! love how your home is set up! would love your tips and recipes on hibachi at home! such a good idea!

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