Caraway Cookware and My New Pot Rack

When the boys really started learning to cook a couple of years ago, my copper pots were a little too “advanced” for them and I felt like they were going a bit too hard on everything else. Honey got them a cheap set at WalMart as a fix. Now that they are more accomplished in the kitchen it was time to toss the beaters they learned on. I had my eye on Caraway Cookware for months and finally got the pieces I wanted in their Black Friday sale. They are non-stick – so still very easy for the boys to use and, more importantly, WASH! I love the weight of them and that they are pretty to look at too. (I only got the oven gloves to get me to free shipping. They are bulky and I don’t love them.)

As part of my January Junkout Jamboree, I finally organized the cabinet under the stove. Now that it’s done, I can’t believe it took me 15 years to address this! I don’t have a before pic, but everything was stacked and you inevitably needed the pan on the bottom every time you went to make something. I used this Under Cabinet Pot Rack. It is completely adjustable and, while it did take me a while to figure out just how I wanted everything stored, it was easy to put together and gets an A+ on function.

We have a deep drawer next to this cabinet that stores my 4 copper pots.

Have you been organizing in January? Share you fab finds!

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