Leanna’s Song, I Guess This is Goodbye

I have been SO excited to share this absolutely stunning performance by our little CeeCee. She had an assignment to choreograph, choose music, and costume a solo for her ballet company. Her performance simply took my breath away, and her poise, grace, talent, beauty (inside and out) and discipline as a just turned 11 year old is remarkable. CeeCee performed to Leanna’s Song, I Guess This is Goodbye, which left our whole family blinking back the tears. Leanna was one of Sister’s best friends in college and her life was tragically cut short in a car accident 25 years ago.

I hope you enjoyed the show. I sure am a proud “aunchie mommy”.

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12 thoughts on “Leanna’s Song, I Guess This is Goodbye

    1. Dear D, Your ballerina tree just got a whole lot more meaningful. :-) She was magnificent! You and Daddy O have every right to boast until your buttons pop! This was truly gorgeous in every way. Jane

  1. My knowledge of ballet is basically nonexistent, but what grace, and delicate movement! I’m pretty sure I heard a proud auntie clapping!

  2. CeeCee, Your performance was absolutely stunning! It perfectly captured the song you chose and conveyed so many emotions. May you always pursue your dreams and keep dancing. You have many gifts and it’s beautiful how you used them to remember your mother’s dear friend with such a moving ballet. Thank you for sharing this, Amanda. What an incredible memory to cherish for your family and Leanna’s. I’m certain she was smiling down on precious CeeCee and guided her through it all. Bravo, CeeCee. :-) Jane

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