Kitchen Update 2.0 {Counter Install Day}

Today’s progress was finished in a snap, but really makes a difference. The counter is in! I went with the same Cambria Berwin we have in the rest of the kitchen and mudroom. I love it so much, it’s also in our bathroom. And Mother and Daddy-O have it in their kitchen. It has the most beautiful sparkle and reminds me of Savannah’s tabby walks and oyster shells.

Someone asked about the center opening and it will be a beverage fridge. The one we chose seems to have a great capacity, offers a retractable shelf for coffee creamer, pull out wine shelf and plenty of space for cans and bottles. I told the ladies it was going to be their new crate, but they knew that couldn’t be true.

The electrical trim out is next!

5 thoughts on “Kitchen Update 2.0 {Counter Install Day}

  1. Your project is looking great!! If you don’t mind, can you please tell us what you did with your previous kitchen furniture, dining room chairs and china cabinet? I love swapping things out but still find it hard to let go of my older things. Some, not so much, but it’s still a big task. Thanks, Amanda. 🤗 And happy belated birthday! 🥂🧁🥂 Jane 🌴

    1. I gave it all away on a local freecycle page. I first tried to sell them and couldn’t even get $50. I also looked into consigning – no local places want formal dining. AND I called a few local charities that do pick up and none would take formal dining furniture. Ironically, I sold a used tux within 2 minutes for $150 but couldn’t get $50 for a pristine condition china cabinet in a week.

      1. If you are interested in rehoming any other pieces, you might try Southern Comforts Consignment in Roswell. I’ve never been there but I see their posts on FB and it looks like they take in & sell traditional pieces.

  2. I can’t wait to see the “final” reveal of the re-designed kitchen/dining space. The new lighted china cabinet is just gorgeous and show-cases your collection so beautifully. I can totally relate to trying to sell/consign formal dining and china collections. Same here in Va! I couldn’t find any consignment shops that were interested in quality pieces.

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