A Moment to Brag

Allow me to take a moment to brag on this kid. On top of an insanely hard freshman load, varsity golf and just generally being an awesome person, Whit logged SEVENTY-SEVEN hours of community service this school year! It’s not something I often talk about – serving and giving back – because I don’t ever want it to be misconstrued as things we do for the wrong reasons. But gosh I am proud of his servant’s heart!

Together, we worked with many worthy organizations in our community through the Young Men’s Service League. Our collective favorite was our time spent with young adults with disabilities – both at a center that helps them find gainful employment and in a soccer league put on by a different organization. We laughed, we played, we hugged, we smiled, we high fived, and we even got a little teary eyed on occasion. At the start of the year, I thought he would be drawn to the service opportunities that involved heavy lifting and little socializing. :-) Seeing how patient, kind and real he is with these young adults and seeing how much he truly cares for them is touching in a way that I don’t quite have the words for.

His other major endeavor this year was with the K-9 Corps at his school. He interviewed for and landed the job as Dog Handler Officer as a freshman. The group works with a retired member of the secret service to train K-9 dogs and, even more importantly, to research training K-9 dogs for a scientific brief they are co-writing. Comprised of math, science and technically talented kids, the club not only trains the dogs, but they measure things like wind speed and air temp to understand how scent travels.

It’s been such a delight watch Whit find his own way in school, sports and our community! I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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6 thoughts on “A Moment to Brag

  1. Love this share!

    The joy he brings to the young adults!
    What interesting work with the dogs!

    Cook, musician, sportsman, academic, volunteer.
    What a guy!

  2. Happy Mother’s day to you. You (and hubby) have raised 2 amazing young men. You should be proud and congratulations and thank you for your service Whit.

  3. I find it so interesting that he has found unique ways to incorporate the traits you have shared on your blog as he has grown…… namely his kindness to others and his love of dogs! Didn’t even realize these opportunities were available. He is doing amazing things at such a young age! I know your whole family is proud of him! And all of your followers.

  4. Whit,
    Your mom is so right when she says you have a servant’s heart because you truly do! I am so impressed by all your accomplishments and talents but especially your work with the K-9 corps. I had no idea that a program like this was offered in schools. My friend’s husband is a retired K-9 handler with the State of Virginia. He trained and worked with bloodhounds over his career, and he has talked many times about doing searches for young children and even elderly adults who have gotten lost and bringing them back home safely with the work of great bloodhounds. Wishing you all the best in your studies, golf and your volunteer work.

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