Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Graduation Gifts}

Since he was born, we’ve been giving John a “forever gift” on his birthday. For his 18th last November, I commissioned one of our favorite local artists and a guy that’s become a friend to make this Raider mascot painting to remember his time at WHS. He LOVED it!

Brandon Art Co

At the same time, I ordered signed prints of the paining from Brandon for all of the kids in his closer friend group.

With the help of Daddy-O back in early April, we framed, tied up and tagged them so they were ready to go.

I also created a custom gift tag explaining the art.

It was great to have this done early so that John could grab them on the way out the door to parties. The kids have loved these and sent such sweet notes of thanks. We will absolutely do the same for Whit in three years.

We have our last two tonight before graduation TOMORROW!

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Graduation Gifts}

  1. Thinking of all of you at this special time, Amanda and sending lots of hugs and congratulations. It still seems unbelievable. 🫣 💙❤️💙 Jane ~ San Diego 🌴

  2. What an awesome gift idea for John’s closer group of Raider team-mates to commemorate their senior year of playing. Brandon did a wonderful job of capturing their team’s spirit. Wishing you great weather tomorrow for graduation ceremonies and I know there will be some tears shed!

  3. What a beautiful forever gift for forever friends! And so smart to get these done early in the year.

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