Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Senior Night Lacrosse Game}

I’m finally picking back up where I left off 10 days ago with our pre-game dinner at home prior to senior night for Raiders Lacrosse!

Pre Game Dinner

The team did such a wonderful job with the whole week – senior breakfast and the senior night game.

The boys felt so loved, celebrated and honored.

John had most of the family cheering him on! All grand parents, Sister, uncle J, and his cousins.

One of my favorite parts of the night was soaking in the senior tribute tables. We’ve played lacrosse with many of these kids for 10 years!

Each senior was escorted onto the field by his family prior to the game, while the announcer read his bio aloud. It was emotional and memorable. Ironically, we played Whit’s high school for senior night, so he dressed in neutral colors.

The old lacrosse stick bouquets for the mom’s were such a thoughtful touch.

We are going to miss these days.

These are not only team members, but best friends.

The most impressive sunset accompanied the first face off.

Raiders handily won the game :-)

It was a fun night to be a Raider fan!

Many, many thanks to Sister for showing up yet again to capture John’s special memories and experiences! We are SO THANKFUL!

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