Valentine’s Pizza

This is too easy y’all…before popping your frozen pizza in the oven, use kitchen shears to cut heart shaped (turkey) pepperoni toppers.  Plastic cups rimmed with melted chocolate and sprinkles make festive milk glasses, and heart cupcake picks are fun embellishments on already perfect strawberries. It seems the hard part here was taking the pizza… Read More

You’re Just Write {Free Printable}

Valentine’s Day is just a week away and we’re really getting into the throes of it around these parts.  I’ve got a special little treat planned every day between now and then so stay tuned for all the details.  As for today, I figured I’d kick us off with the actual Valentine’s behind our Valentine’s… Read More

Man Day

Well ladies, Man Day has nearly concluded and it went just as swimmingly as ever (as far as the man around these parts is concerned.)  I woke up at the crack of dawn with the littles and tip-toed out of the bedroom so as not to wake his royal highness.  Forsaking our own obsession with… Read More

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Sock Hop

The PCP as been completely beside himself looking forward to the school’s family Sock Hop.  And it certainly lived up to his extraordinary expectations! We kicked off the evening with popcorn, Coke floats and confections from the sweets stand before really out-doing ourselves on The Varsity’s famous dogs and o-rings. And then we danced the… Read More

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Groundhog Day Treats

In this household, we exclusively subscribe to the psychic prophecies of our very own hometown groundhog, General Beau Lee, who boasts honorary doctorates (which really says something about the University of Georgia), various other distinctions, and most importantly a 94% accuracy rate (that designer imposter, strangely named “Punxsutawhatever” rodent up North manages barely 85%.)  And… Read More