Pretty Little Liars? Pretty Good.

Well, it’s official, I have added another show to my teen drama repertoire – Pretty Little Liars.

Somehow I missed season one (good call, N) but am nonetheless hooked on season two.  The show follows four teens that are being plagued by some mysterious character called A after their involvement in the supposed death of their best friend Alison.

The humor isn’t the laugh-out-loud kind I love in Gossip Girl, but two weeks in I already have two favorite one liners:  “I come waving a white La Perla.  Isn’t that like the international sign of peace?” and (on hiding a stash of hundies in the lasagna) “I figured a box of carbs that’s been sitting up there untouched for 10 years was a safer bet than my makeup bag.  My mistake.”

Pretty Little Liars gets a “pretty good” from me.  Everyone’s hair is lush, their eyelashes are to-die-for, the mystery looks promising and I have space on my DVR.

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