Construction Prowess

Nine months into our basement renovation (just longer than the time it took me to bake a real live baby I’ll have you know), Honey continues to not only make remarkable progress, but to impress me with his construction prowess.  While much of his work down yonder consists of things that don’t make much of an overall impact (think shoe molding and second, third and fourths coats of white paint on various surfaces) I was beyond excited to have him install all of the lovely lighting that had been calling to me from their card board boxes for the last six months “hang me…. hang me…. puh-lease HANG ME.”

Moved from our old basement bathroom, this crystal confection found it’s new home over the sink in the bar. And I think it will be very happy there.  Now… what to do with the rest of the wall?  I’m entertaining thoughts of wall paper.  Or a paint treatment.  Ideas??

I happened upon this fantastic pendent (and her matching mate) at my very favorite shopping spot – Patina Home Furnishings – to hang over the dining table.  A little wire, touches of stainless steel and Edison bulbs.  Yes, I DO adore them!

Since we moved into and starting decorating this home, I have been dying to use an over sized drum shade.  Hanging over the pool table, I super puffy heart love that it’s a complete departure from the traditional type of pool lamp (that was, by design, one of the few fixtures we left behind at the last place.) 

And to round out the mix, this lovely sconce set made her debut on the wall over the banquet.  It was love at first site on the glossy pages of Pottery Barn.  And unlike many sconce options, the scale of this beauty is without a doubt perfect to hang over the expansive banquette (that is excitedly waiting for Mimi to come to town and dress up with a dozen or so pillows.)

In addition to lighting, Honey had the beast of a pool table put back together and re-felted from the move.  Mind you, I was not at home when this occurred… hence the slightly purple-ish color of the “steel gray” felt.  It should have set off alarm bells when the billiards boy said “wow, nobody has ever picked this color.”  Hmmm… not an area I’d like to pioneer.

So, while Honey has been slaving away in the bowels of the abode, the littles and I have been soaking up the delicious Southern sun.  Take note of Cookie’s adorable Beauxs and Belles john john. It’s a rare and delightful occurrence these days.

While Cookie has been playing in the sand and dangling upside down on the swings, John has mastered the monkey bars.  He has furthermore matsered monkeying around in all sorts of other ways that the manufacturers of our play set most certainly did not intend.  Boys will be boys, I suppose.

Lastly, for those of you concerned with how I fared at our financial inquisition, the sacred words “Lilly Pulitzer” only came up once.  Whew!  Disaster averted.  I celebrated my victory (and our pre/post birthdays) over wine and a lovely dinner with my Reese Witherspoon doppleganger friend A.  And now I’m off to hit the hay.


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