Starland District

While in Savannah, nap times are for the birds and play times occur on the run.  It has become our routine to, over breakfast and our signature pot of Paris tea, pick an area of the city to explore for the day.  After our last bite, we don our Lilly and john johns, pile the littles up in sister’s car and  go-go-go until we can’t go any more.

So one fine day of our visit, we landed in the city’s Starland District, an artsy and somewhat gritty spot located just a few blocks South of historic downtown Savannah.  This up-and-(hopefully)-coming area is a hub for local art and music and is home to a handful of unique shops and eateries.

Our first stop was for lunch and a beaucoup of sweet treats at Back in the Day Bakery.  The retro chic decor and Southern hospitality are enough to draw be back time and again.  Add to that the down-home decadence of the bakeshop desserts and I can’t get this place off my mind!  So, while my humvee sandwich (butterbean hummus, cheese and a stack of fresh veggies on rustic ciabatta bread) was ah-mazing, and the made on-the-spot Italian raspberry soda absolutely whet my whistle, let me get right on to the good part – DESSERT!  I kid you not when I say that days later I am still thinking about the nana’ pudding.  It was simply divine.  Imagine homemade pudding, layered with oodles of bananas, fresh whipped cream and an amazing cake-like cookie layer.  Oh. Em. Ge.  If you find yourself within an hour of Savannah trust me when I say it is worth the trip.  Equally as delish were the star brownies – dense, dark, fudge like confections dusted with powdered sugar stars – and the gigantic chocolate chip cookies.  And y’all know how I love me some cupcakes.  The old fashioned, a vanilla cake with a generous swirl of vanilla butter cream, absolutely exceeded my expectations.  The bakery invites Savannahians to “slow down and taste the sweet life” and we certainly did just that.


So after we rolled out of Back in the Day, we set off antiquing.  Savannah boasts an antique store on what seems like every corner, and they range from exquisitely gorgeous mint-condition finds to rooms full of just plain junk.  My happy place is somewhere in the middle – the kind of shop where you can score a beautiful piece for a fair price with just a little bit of hunting.

First we hit up  Located in the historic yellow mansion, the place is dripping with furniture, art, mirrors, linens, estate jewelry and decor.


And right in the back yard of 37th @ Abercorn, we had the extreme pleasure of making the acquaintance of the newest proprietor of a sweet little spot called 201 1/2.  She literally opened her doors that very day and already had loads of great stuff.

Our last Starland stop was the Habersham Antiques Market.  Every time I head into this booth-style space, I quickly lose track of time, lazily wandering among the rows and rooms of antiques, collectibles and junk. I always, always find something here.  And this time was no exception, as sister and I simply could not leave the poor little turquoise foo dog lamps homeless for one more day (and I have now satiated my aforementioned yearning for something foo.)

Since we were just a few blocks away from some of our favorite downtown must-shops, we couldn’t help but make a quick detour to Paris Market, DC2 and 24e before rushing home to prepare for a casual dinner party (one granddog, two daughters and three grandsons don’t put a damper on my parent’s ever so busy social calendar) of a gentleman’s wedge, meatloaf and field peas.  Lively guests, a fantastic family, perfectly mixed gin and tonics, one final birthday cake for yours truly and one last oyster oil painting from sister capped off a decadent day!


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