Congrats Grad

I know, I know… it’s ONLY pre-K graduation.

BUT, seriously y’all, IT’S PRE-K GRADUATION!!!

My baby is going to a bona fide full day, every day school in a few short months and, around here, we celebrate things!!!  In fact, some days we celebrate NOTHING!  So don’t even feign surprise that we had a family pizza party to celebrate the PCP on the eve of his pre-K graduation.  It wasn’t a terribly involved to-do, but it sure made the sweet boy feel special and reminded him of just how much we ALL (parents, brother, cousin, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpa) love him. 

The cake was ordered plain from Publix.  I decorated lickety-split before our guests arrived with red candies and John’s name.

For this morning’s class party, Mimi was a doll and baked up a couple dozen of her delish blueberry muffins.

After the littles were sufficiently sugared up, they wowed us with an impressive production of songs and skits, a picture slide show AND a graduation walk complete with caps, gowns and diplomas.  

When the PCP filed in the gym and quickly looked out into the audience, he broke out into the biggest grin to see not just Mommy and Daddy, but Auntie, Bird, Mimi, Ampa, JuJu AND Uncle C smiling back.  It makes my heart sing to know that I’m not the only one that loves that kid with a thousand hearts.

With Kindergarten on the horizon, I have no doubt that the next phase will fly by just as quickly as this one.  Until then, I am going to spend my summer gobbling up every minute of every Southern summer day with my precious boys.

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7 thoughts on “Congrats Grad

  1. How cute is he!!!! He is adorable and I'm loving his bow tie!!! I need to find one for my boys now! Your blog is fab!!!

    I'm Jennifer from SC!
    Happy new follower!

  2. First time to visit your blog. I love his bow tie and the red shoes. Time does fly; you are so wise to enjoy every day.

  3. I found your blog via Savvy Southern Style.
    Happy graduation to your little man. Your house is amazing… I have house envy big time ;D

  4. Such a cute party! Congrats on graduating to your little guy. That bow tie is adorable!! My son just had his pre-k graduation…I cried…they grow up too fast.

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