Memorial Day

Like many others, we spent our long first weekend of summer soaking up the sun while enjoying the company of friends and family.
We kicked off the pool season with an ice cream social Thursday afternoon.  On Friday, Honey picked the PCP up early from his last day of preschool (boo-hoo) for a father-son round of golf before spending another evening at the pool in our usual summer Friday night fashion – dollar beers, quarter wings, live music and loads of friends and littles.  After all that fun, I just couldn’t pretend for one more minute that I didn’t have a summer time sore throat and cold.  So Honey entertained the boys for a day while I pathetically laid on the sofa, coughing, sucking on Halls and finishing up seasons of GLEE and One Tree Hill (I know… I am the last person on earth still watching this show) on my DVR.  Feeling more like my normal self, in the last day and a half of our three day weekend, I squeezed in a delectable lunch of shrimp and grits at Empire State South with calliespondence and the Buncolator ladies (who knew this little blog would bring me three perfectly fabulous new friends?!?!), attended a darling firetruck birthday party for big sis H’s last born, spent an evening cooking out and catching up with bestie E, Frenchie and friends AND sent one bazillion kisses to sweet baby Bird on his second birthday!
And we rounded out the festivities with a fantastic day at the lake with new neighbor A and her lovely family.  With five little boys to entertain, we fished, swam, boated, grilled, margartia-ed and just had an undeniably great time!
Now it’s back to the loads (and loads and loads) of laundry and piles (and piles and piles) of ironing that I’ve been neglecting while living it up with family.  I’d say it was well worth it.
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One thought on “Memorial Day

  1. I am suffocating in laundry today too. I guess it is a small price to pay for having fun though! Sounds like you had a nice weekend…well except the sick part!

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