Baseball Closer

Our sweet little baseball team made it to the quarter finals before wrapping up their season!  We were so lucky to have great coaches, great parents and, most of all, twelve great little boys.

loves playing catcher like his daddy
all smiles after the game

And, while I’m the first to admit that I know diddly about the game (and just when I thought I knew a little something the rules changed for the tournament), I DO know how to make a sundry of items in the shape, form or likeness of a baseball.  So I was beyond excited for my turn to come up again as snack mom one last time!!  In addition to dogs and drinks, and in classic ballgame fashion, I served up dolled-up Cracker Jacks and Marshmallow Pies to our slew of hungry sweaty boys.

Marshmallow Pies
Unwrap pre-packaged pies.  Insert lollipop stick (from Michael’s) into bottom of pie.  Ice names and baseball seams onto pies.  I used ready made Wilton brand cookie icing (it is stackable when dry) squeezed into my own pastry bags fitted with a #3 tip.  When fully dry, cover with cello bags and tie with coordinating ribbon.

There are SO many possibilities for these sweet treats – I monogrammed them and displayed in a silver paint bucket for Cookie’s first birthday!

Cracker Jack Cones
I created striped and dotted patterned paper on my computer and printed it out.  I then experimented with a piece of paper to come up with a template that would roll into a cone.  Using the template, I cut out my papers, rolled into cones and secured with a piece of tape.  I inserted short wooden skewers into my display box, slid the cone over the skewer, held upright and then poured in popcorn to make them stand up straight.

Display Boxes
I started with a six pack of florist foam from Michael’s.  I used this because it was four dollars, compared to a price tag of twenty for a solid block of the foam.  I left the clear wrapper that came on the six blocks, wrapped the entire thing in wrapping paper and embellished with a ribbon.

With the snacks prepared, I simply pulled the saved centerpiece from my last snack-mom game out of the closet, tied on some new balloons and hit the ball filed!  See here for the how-to on that.

We rounded out the season last night with a picnic pool party, resplendent with loads of daddy-son fun, trophies and sweet coach’s gifts that fun friend M and I threw together yesterday.

Honey and Coach S – “bromance” caught on film
Seven Angels
Receiving trophy from Coach S

We’re sure gonna miss these families over the summer!

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  1. What great baseball treats! You are so creative, what a great way to end the season.
    I remember your house from HGTV! I LOVED it, especially the den.

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