Brother Club

When the littles begged and pleaded for a playset in the backyard Honey jumped right on that project.  You see, this great neighborhood has one pretty major flaw – no playground!  There are a couple nearby, but nothing in walking distance.  So, we watched the sale flyers in the Sunday paper until we found an affordable option that wouldn’t take over the entire back yard.

All was good and fine with the building of the thing (I mean, from the air conditioned comfort of my sofa all seemed good and fine) until Honey went to screw on the green and neon yellow topper to the “fort” (as the PCP likes to call it).

This is just about when I put the pedal to the metal and headed straight to Lewis and Sheron for something a little sassier (and, lets face it, a lot less neon.)  I was happy as a lark to come across a black and white polka dot indoor/outdoor fabric perfect for my project at only eight dollars a yard.  Note: this is not the exact one I purchased.

I used the provided garish yellow/green tarp as my template and simply cut out the new fabric to fit with pinking shears.  I added the triangle cut fringe along the bottom front ad-hoc as I went.  You know, to give it a lil somethin’ somethin’.  (Insert profuse apologies here for having no pictures of this process.  I promise it was as easy as pie.)  

As Honey was finishing up the building of the jungle gym, I scrounged up a scrap piece of wood from the basement workroom to make a little sign for the front of the playset.  I then picked up an outdoor sticker alphabet pack at Hobby Lobby and, after spray painting by wood black, went to town spelling out “Brother Club”.  I hope that it will weather a bit and probably should have distressed it before Honey screwed it on but, as previously mentioned on this here blog, I have known instant gratification issues (and no plans to work through them) and just wanted it D.O.N.E.

I think it turned out splendidly. And the littles… well, they could care less about my newfangled tarp and custom sign as they are swinging, sliding, climbing and hanging upside down on their very own playground. :-)

And, if you were wondering…
1) Yes, my littles (and Bird) play outside half nekkid while I lounge on our newly decorated deck sipping on wine at the end of a loooong day with Honey.  It’s like a backyard hootenanny around here.  I’m sure old Miss J was muttering all sorts of unmentionables under her breath.
2) My grass is admittedly horrendous.  Embarrassingly so.  Which is why I’m just totally tickled that we are getting new grass next week!!!  Oh, and perhaps that will please the aforementioned Miss J for a day or two (until I bathe the kids in the sprinkler or check the mail in my nightgown again.)

Happy second day of Summer, y’all!

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3 thoughts on “Brother Club

  1. Great entertainment & activity, as in releasing some of that pent-up energy that little boys tend to have so much of! Love the polka-dot topper–much better than the green. Really like your very patriotic deck. Great fun!

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