Days Like That

Earlier this week when we were faced with a good long, lazy summer day with nothing to do, we had a grand old time doing exactly as we pleased.
Clad in diapers and jammies, we “worked” at collecting bark from the tree.

We watched a bevvy of Scooby Doos while dressed like Bumblebee and Bat-Bob.

We had a little friend come down and decorated animal cookies with icing and sprinkles (all left over from our Fourth of July fete.)
And we played, ran, biked, colored and snacked on watermelon.  
Now, that’s what a summer day is all about.  I’m off to enjoy the one dawning now…
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3 thoughts on “Days Like That

  1. Boys can be such a delight to just observe. Girls, too, but boys just think differently! Girls aren't typically mesmerized by tree bark!

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