Flashback Friday {Cupcake Party}

Come August, I am generally already putting plans in place for my littles birthday celebrations in November and December.  So as I pull out the old party files, I thought I’d invite y’all to join me on a trip down memory lane in a Flashback Friday (as I’ve just decided to call it) looking back at the PCP’s first birthday Cupcake Party!  There’s a good reason why the cliche about time flying is a cliche.  sigh.

I made the invitations with a blue and chocolate lined envelope AND custom stamps with the PCP’s picture.  First child.  First birthday.  Spare no expense kinda mentality, obviously.

Y’all come on in…  Vellum wraps for glass pillar candle holders with a big 1 and John’s monogram greeted guests at the front door.

Inside, the foyer was set up for the affair with favor boxes, molded chocolate cupcake pops, a signature book, smaller vellum wrapped candles and pictures and invitations from his first year.

The favor boxes were purchased from Party City.  I made tags for each guest and tied them up with a chocolate ribbon.

Inside the boxes, revelers received a cupcake shaped cookie cutter, chocolate cupcake pop, cupcake stickers and a set of personalized gift enclosure tags.

Starting with his first birthday, each year we purchase a book related to the the party theme for guests to sign.  After the party we add a picture of the birthday boy and a copy of the party invitation.  For the first birthday, we chose Happy Birthday to You by Dr. Seuss.

The idea for the party came when I fell in love with this Bailey Boys Cupcake longall and matching bib.  I made the party hat out of cardstock to match.

Before the advent of the popular giant cupcake cake mold, I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of having a birthday cake and smash cake made to look like huge cupcakes :-)  I also had a local bakery make iced cupcake shaped cookies and scattered dishes of blue and white m&m’s and jelly beans around the house.  I cut the polka dot table cover out of wrapping paper.

We carried the birthday boy’s high chair downstairs for cake!

The bar held all of the food.
More food and treats outside! I covered the tables in inexpensive blue and white gingham (that I have since used again and again) and reused candle lanterns from our wedding on the tables.
Let him eat cake!
I made themed coloring books for the kids at the party and enlarged a picture of the birthday boy for “pin the cupcake on John.”
And I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw in this cute picture of the best besties a girl could have.  Looking good ladies :-)

That’s that for the first birthday fete.  Perhaps I’ll be back next week with another!

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