Flashback Friday {Monkey Party}

Here we go again… another trip down party lane.  Today I’m flashing back to the PCP’s second birthday party.  A monkey themed celebration!

I purchased the invitation on-line and printed the text at home.  I also added the little red pom for the tip of the party hat.

The monkey in all of his birthday splendor.  The smocked shortall was from Ragsland.

Even the concrete dogs on the front porch donned party hats for the affair!

A table held monkey cookies, a picture of the monkey in a monkey costume in a monkey frame, party favors and the requisite monkey themed signature book.

Favors for adults sans kids were personalized note cards.  And favors for the littles were personalized monkey enclosure cards, monkey coin purses and monkey tee shirts.  I made everything outside of the coin purses, which I happened upon in the Target dollar bin.
I had monkey themed activities throughout the basement and yard.  This map and yard signs directed revelers to the different attractions.

The “book nook” had two chairs, a lawn blanket and a stack of monkey themed reads for the littles.  Let me assure you that only the girls in attendance deigned to sit and read at the party :-)

The “coloring corner” had a kid table and personalized, hand made monkey birthday themed coloring books.
“Pin the tail on the monkey” was purchased at the Pottery Barn outlet just in the nick of time!
We drug out and blew up the “monkey moonwalk” bounce house.  It was one of the more popular attractions at the zoo.
The “swinging sand table” was also a big hit with the little monkeys.
And “John’s Jungle Gym” was put to use like it had never been used before.
We renamed the play room “the monkey’s den” and draped monkey beads over the doorway.
Inside the monkey’s den, we had the Curious George movie running on repeat!
The monkey pull string pinata was a crowd favorite.  Who doesn’t love candy falling from the sky?!?!
A slide show of the monkey’s second year played on loop in the tv room.  Lordy, I totally thought I’d do this each year.  Needless to say, Cookie came along and no more year in review picture shows have been created.  boo hoo.
It’s not a party in the South without an over abundance of eats!  Some of the favorites were peanut butter and banana monkey shaped sandwiches, bananas and a bread bowl cut to look like a monkey head.
Inside, the bar was set up with beverages for the little monkeys AND the big apes.
And the cake table boasted a mommy-made cake and mini cupcakes with monkey head toppers.
I baked the cake in an aluminum mixing bowl.  The ears are a large cupcake cut in half and stuck in with skewers.  I purchased the felt hat for the cake to match the PCP’s hat.
The monkey picks were made out of mini styrofoam balls that I spray painted brown. I cut out teeny tiny ears out of construction paper and formed microscopic party hats out of red cardstock.  It was one of the more labor intensive party projects I’ve ever undertaken.
It’s a little challenging, but I can remember when the PCP was two.  
And last but not least, I made photo thank you cards for the loads of gifts and love!
So that was the big two year old monkey soiree.  Hard to believe that very same little monkey is off living it up at school this very minute.
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