Hi Cookie, I’m Mommy

Until last week, I had ridiculously little time one on one with my sweet, fat, happy baby Whit (aka Cookie.)

He’s three years younger than John (aka Precious Cutie Pie, aka PCP) and spent the first two and three-quarter years of his precious life being carted around to the PCP’s events, activities, parties and play dates.  Always happy to just be included and never seeming to need much more, I’ve spent nearly every moment of his waking life with him but can probably count the hours I’ve had alone with him.  It’s a kind of rare situation, I believe, since both of my littles went to preschool only two days a week and on the same two days each week.  We spent the other five days together, with Honey on the weekends, and just the three of us during the week.  Together, but not alone.

So, when the PCP caught that big yellow bus and rode off into the sun rise to start his Kindergarten adventure last week, it was a new beginning for Cookie and me too.  Once the tears dried and my head cleared a bit, I pulled out age appropriate toys (think Thomas the Train and those shaped puzzles with the pegs) and the board books and sat down on the playroom floor with my baby.  It started like this:

Me: Hi, I’m Mommy
Him: (with an odd look) Hi Mommy

Me: What’s your name little baby?
Him: One
Me: No, silly.  And that’s not your age either.
*Wow, we’ve got quite a bit of work to do.*
Me: Your name is Whit.
Him: I Whit.

Me: How old are you, Whit?
Him: I Cookie.
Me: Yes, that’s your other name.  And you’re two.  Two years old.  (holds up two fingers)
**I swear this child is smart.  I know it.  I just know he is!**

Me: Are you a boy or girl?
Him: I Batman.
**hmmmm….I’m pretty sure John had no earthly idea who or what Batman was at this stage in the game.**

Me: Are you a baby?
Him: No, I adult.
**This is going to be fun.**

With that, we spent the week doing just what two year olds do.  Puzzles, trains, bubbles and the little tot playground at the park. We’ve slipped into our new routine quite well.  And, since we seem to be playing the above conversation on a loop lately, I think we’re going to go ahead and start practicing “almost three” for the “how old are you” question. :-)

Speaking of which, I’m off to play with the baby at the baby pool, of all places!

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4 thoughts on “Hi Cookie, I’m Mommy

  1. Oh…so that's what PCP stands for! So cute! It will be nice to have the one on one time. I will still have that with my little one because we have half day kindergarten here. His day was actually a little longer in pre-K! Enjoy your precious time!

  2. you are cracking me up!!! Too funny and too true! Totally how it was with Faith. I'm still not sure if she knows she's in Kindergarten!! :)

  3. He is adorable! They are so sweet when they are little! Enjoy your time with both of them, it goes by so fast! It seems like yesterday that mine were that age and now they are 25, 21, and 19, and all I did was blink!

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