Lemon Aid

Meet the PCP, purveyor of the finest Country Time lemonade and sweet treats this end of Georgia…

After months and months and months of begging, pleading, wheeling and dealing, we finally set up shop for our first ever lemonade stand.  We were even able to rouse Honey out of bed early this morning to set up our tent and tables!  And that’s a feat in and of itself if you know Honey.

John (with just a teensy tiny push) generously decided to donate ALL of the money from his lemonade stand to “cat heaven.”  Soon after we lost both of our kitties last summer (in unrelated incidents that I won’t get into here), we were walking by a no-kill cage free cat shelter and John just stood mesmerized in the window for what seemed like ages.  Finally, he asked “is this cat heaven because it looks so wonderful?”  It took us a few minutes to put it all together, but when we did it instantly went down in history as one of the sweetest, most innocent and thoroughly endearing things he’s ever said.  Since then, whenever we are near “cat heaven” we spend some time visiting with the kitties.  One day we’ll bring a new pet home… we’re just not quite there yet.
Ice cold lemonade was served up in cute clear party cups with festive green straws and yellow napkins (all of which I pulled from my previous party stash).  It’s all about the packaging and presentation, my friends.  And when you get a load of what he raked in for the cats, you’ll be a believer too.
Remember the buggy full of ribbon and paper embellishments, well, they got their inaugural use fashioned as price tags on our goods.  I cut a sliver off the bottom of the lemons to keep them stable, started a hole on the top with a skewer and then simply eased in the price tags.
Hoping to up-sell our customers on a sweet treat in addition to their ice cold lemonade (which was ever so successful), we spent a few hours last night in the kitchen baking cupcakes, creating rice krispie ice cream treats, mixing lemonade and making signs.  
The Rice Krispie Treats ice cream cones were ridiculously darling and delish to boot.  Simply mix up a batch of RKTs and let cool to the touch.  With a regular ice cream scoop sprayed with cooking spray (front and back), mound in tightly packed scoops of RKTs (it helps to also spray your hands).  Next push into mini cake cones, top with a drizzle of white chocolate and decorate to your heart’s content (we used sprinkles and Lemonheads.)  If you try this at home, the major issue is keeping them standing up.  Next time I will either weigh the cones down with candy inside OR use a little bit of the melted white chocolate bark to “glue” the cones to the platter.  
Cupcakes were also topped with sprinkles and Lemonheads… keeping with our Lemonade theme :-)
As all good salesmen do, the littles sampled the goods before the first customer arrived.  Luck for the help (read: moi) all passed inspection.  (A do-over would have been dreadfully impossible at opening hour.)
This is hands down my favorite picture of the day.  Cookie didn’t miss a beat helping out brother with his endeavor.  They held their signs, waved down cars and chanted “ice cold lemonade… get your ice cold lemonade” for hours on end.
At the end of day, after countless visits from family, friends, neighbors, strangers and even our sweet mail-lady, the PCP sold SEVENTY-ONE dollars worth of lemonade (and treats) to aid the felines at “cat heaven.”  I will surely have a tear in my eye when he marches in to turn over his donation later this week.
A sincere thank you goes out to all of you that were late to work, those that came on your lunch break, and those that loaded up car-fulls of kids on a steamy day to help make this such a smashing success!  It was the best day yet on the Kindergarten Countdown!
Tickled pink to have been featured on Designer Garden and Kreative Korner!
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22 thoughts on “Lemon Aid

  1. I am in love with your lemonade stand. Your price tags are so gorgeous. I hope you have a tutorial on how you made them somewhere on your blog. This is my first time here and I can't wait to go see more of your fun blog.

  2. I just wish your Dad and I could have been there to buy some so sweet lemonade and treats. And to see our sweeties!!! I didn't exactly get the vision you had when we were in Michael's buying all of those embellishments. Now I do! I know the kitties will be very appreciative of John's hard work and generosity.

  3. AAaaah, such great kids to want to help out in such a gracious way.
    Your tablescape indeed did the trick! Beautiul and very cheerful! Bravo mom for teaching them one of the best lessons ever!


  4. Well, that is the most fabulous lemonade stand I've ever seen! So sweet he's contributing to the "cat heaven" cause.


  5. This is such an absolute wonderful idea for your children. they will remember this forever! Love the part about cat heaven. what a great cause to donate to. thanks for linking up at VIF, xo Debra

  6. What a delightful story!! So glad you had such fun and that your endeavor went so well! "Cat heaven" is so sweet and adorable and I'm sure the shelter appreciates your kids' generosity. Oh, and the stand is beautiful, too!

  7. What an incredibly wonderful project to work on with your children! They both learned an invaluable lifelong lesson on both free enterprise AND philanthropy. The Rice Krispie Treat cones are so cute! I like the idea of "gluing" them in place on the tray with melted chocolate. Everything was so cute, and I'm so glad you and your children were able to experience this together!

  8. That is so sweet. I love the Cat Heaven story. I am a happy new follower from Vintage Inspiration Friday. Hope you can visit me back.

  9. This lemonade stand looks so cute! And the treats being sold look delicious! I want to thank you for sharing it on "Creative Bloggers' Party and Hop".

    From this week's party co-host:

    Jacque @ Jacque's Soda Parlor

    P.S. I'm your newest follower!

  10. Wow, that is so wonderful and this has to be the most wonderful lemonade stand I have ever seen. What precious memories and such a great thing for the children to do. Hugs those babies, they are just precious. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  11. How precious are they?! I'd totally stop and buy some lemonade and treats from them! I love the lemonade stand, and all of the creative DIY details! The money was raised for such a great cause too! :)

    I would also love to see a tutorial on the price tags! Very cute!

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