Meet & Greet and Treats

Earlier this week I spent an evening printing, cutting and having a smashing good time packaging up a hand full of treats for our kindergarten friends, new kindergarten teacher and, while I was at it, for the PCP’s lunch box on the first day of school.  (All of this while catching up on Pretty Little Liars, which is back this season with more perfectly applied lip gloss, expertly coiffed tendrils and a ludicrously engaging plot for a teen drama on ABC Family of all channels…but I digress.)

We’ve been doling these “Good Luck in Kindergarten Smartie Pants” treats out to our neighborhood and nearby friends.  (And we are sending a virtual wish to all of our other friends headed to kindergarten, too!)

For the PCP’s new teacher, we dolled up a Hershey bar with a “Looking Forward to a Sweet Year” sentiment.  I know, I know…totally unnecessary and completely over the top…it’s just ME.

And for the first day of school, I’ll be tucking this into the PCP’s lunch box.  That dollar bag of Smarties went a long way :-)

Last night we joined the swarm of other families stalking the doors at the elementary school and anxiously awaiting the posting of  class lists.  And while we vaguely recognized only two names on the PCP’s kindergarten roster, you’d have thought he’d just hit the lotto.  That kid is EXCITED about starting school next week!

So while last night was a little sneak peek, today was the the full shebang.  Honey jetted home and joined us up at the school for Meet & Greet.  The PCP’s new teacher, Mrs. B, seemed positively lovely.  And her classroom just the bees knees as far as John was concerned.  Afterwards we popped in Pinkberry to discuss what we did and saw and look over the calendar!

With school just FOUR days away, we’ve ordered school supplies (can you believe this is all done online now!?!?), put some money in his school lunch account and reviewed the first week’s menu (all of which is also done online!), met the teacher, scoped out the classroom, picked up our pre-ordered school spirit wear, prepared our Star Wars backpack and lunchbox AND (at the crack of dawn) tomorrow morning we’ll be doing a practice fun run on the school bus together!

I absolutely, positively cannot BELIEVE this is really happening.  I cried my eyes out last night and teared up outside of his class today.  I am glad he’s so oblivious (apparently males are just born this way) or he’d surely have been mortified, forever banning me from the school grounds for the next thirteen years.


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7 thoughts on “Meet & Greet and Treats

  1. Such a lucky Boy to have such a caring Momma!!!! Girl I am right with you on the tears! I have two older boys and I still tear up at all school performances, championship ball games….everything. I also have a two year old and know I will completely lose it when my "Baby" starts Kindergarten!!!! LOL!
    Enjoy the wonderful school year!

    Oh, and the teacher sweet treat was a fabulous idea :-)

  2. Just adorable! I love your creative treats and I totally understand the crying…I am even MORE emotional with my younger son starting kindergarten this year than I was for my older son. Must be the whole "baby" thing…Enjoy these precious times!

  3. So cute! I don't think it's over the top at all. I am sure they will love it! Then again I am also the crazy mom who went way over the top on National Smores Day (Aug 10) with owl smores for the kids' class AND the neighbors.

    I am dreading the day my babies go off to kindergarten. They just grow up way too fast.

  4. what a fabulously fun idea!!!!! My big girl starts Kindergarten on Monday & our meet & greet is tomorrow! She is very nervous – no excitement here :(

    I am sad – would think the poor girl was off to college, but it just feels like there's no more baby and it's a big deal so I understand your tears and will surely be doing the same.

    Thanks for linking up to the Sunday Showcase. I LOVED this idea so I am featuring it in next week's showcase!

    Be sure to stop by Sunday and pick up your "featured" button – you earned it!! WooHoo – I know! haha! :)

  5. I love your Looking forward to a sweet year Hershey bar idea! Could you please share how you made the pleated base for the ribbon badge? It is so pretty and I cannot figure out how to make these. Thanks!

  6. I love your Looking forward to a sweet year Hershey bar teacher gift. Could you please share how you made the pleated base for the badge? Thanks!

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