Flashback Friday {Elmo Party}

This little Elmo fete presented quite the party throwing challenge for the gal who swore up and down she’d never ever have cartoon characters printed on her party goods.  But when the PCP proclaimed, with the stomp of his right foot might I add, that he was having an Elmo party I was bound and determined to make it happen in fashion.

The party color scheme took the red and orange from Elmo and added light blue. I designed the invitations to pull the three colors together.

You know how I love to dress the littles themed party threads. This sweet diddy was from a lady on etsy who has since closed shoppe.  Luckily I have Mother for my sewing needs these days…

They foyer table held party favors, a framed pic of the birthday boy, the invitation, party hat and our birthday party signature book. 
I simply added big red poms to jazz up purchased the Elmo party hats.
For party favor bags, I cut out Elmo eyes and noses and glued them to the tops of red bags.
I baked “J” and “3” cookies, and a la Sesame street, the mmmm…cookies sign says “this party was brought to you by the letter J and the number 3.”
Inside the bags were activity books and stickers from the dollar store, iced cookies and personalized enclosure cards.
This year’s signature book was a custom Sesame Street birthday book from Shutterfly.  The note says “please sign with your birthday cheer for me to look back on year after year.”
It’s not a party without balloons.  I just adore balloons.  The bigger the better (as is my motto with much in life.)
The patio and deck set up for the fete.  Just awaiting the descent of fifteen babes between the ages of 6 months and 6 years.
The drink station held beer, wine, water and Elmo juice boxes (that I searched high and low for and was NOT having this party without.)
The cake table with a no sew runner made from fabric, felt, ribbon and fabric glue.
I ordered the red sugar cookies from my local bakery and simply used pre-made icing to pipe in the filling, eyes, nose and a mouth.
HaPpY tHiRd bIrThDaY!!!
Look at the sweet revelers.  Every single one of them is off to school these days.  My, how time flies.
So, I had to include this picture.  No laughing… I am eight months pregnant here.
Sister always, always wraps the most darling gifts.  I swear, I hate to open them.
That’s it folks!!  It’s hard to believe that not even three years later I spent my morning dining on school lunch pizza with the PCP (they proceed to the cafe at exactly 10:46 AM.)  Have a wonderful long weekend!!!  I sure intend to…
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  1. Such an adorable party! I love all the little details that you added. Made it even more special. Thanks for linking this at Show & Share!

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