Mail from Mimi & Ampa

The littles were so excited to get a package in the mail from Mimi and Ampa!  Inside were the cutest color decks that she made with paint chips, a hole punch and binder clips.
Cookie was gaga over the Mickey colors and, let me assure you, these paint chips haven’t left his chubby clutches since their receipt two days ago.  The PCP spent the first three weeks of school studying colors… dressing in the color of the day and learning how to read AND write the name of each color.  So his little paint color deck was quite timely and very well received as well.  

Oh, and you know how grandparents are – there was also a dollar bill for the PCP to add to his coffer.  He’s saved up fourteen dollars so far with our expectations chart.  As it turns out, he’s quite stingy when spending his own money :-)


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