After searching high and low for a “chore chart” (or what I like to call “expectations” chart) that would suit our needs today, grow with us in the years to come AND not totally tack-ify my mudroom, I landed in that dreaded place of “if I want it done right, I’ll have to do it myself.”  Okay, so by “myself” I absolutely mean “with a lot of help from Honey.”  I think these are just the bees knees.

Here’s how our system works:
The days of the week run across the top of the board.

The “to-dos” are in the left column and, as they are completed, they move across the white line to the “done” side.  Each day I have six expectations to complete.  Five are standard: make bed, read, pick up toys/clothes/etc, wash/brush teeth/go to bed, and use manners/listen/respect.  The sixth is “mommy’s choice” and varies based on what we have going on that day.  It could be helping with laundry, setting the table, helping with dishes, etc.

When, at the end of each day, every expectation has been fulfilled, one of the “good job” magnets gets moved up under that day.  We don’t give partial credit.

At the end of the week, the littles receive allowance for the days completed.  We follow the rule of one dollar per week per year of age.  So, John can earn up to five dollars a week.  If he misses a day he gets $4.30.  If he misses two days he gets $3.60.
And, each week after we pay him his allowance, we help him count out 20% to go into his savings account.  So many valuable lessons to be learned here.  

Here’s the gist of how we got there…
1. Construct your base board.
Honey purchased two pieces of sheet metal (1’x2′ each, based on our space) and framed them out in a thin piece of trim so as to not slice any little fingers off.  First pic = front view; Second pic = back view.  Supplies from Home Depot.

2. Go to town with spray paint
I purchased tall wooden letters for the little’s names and 1 1/2″ wood discs for the “expectations” and days of the week magnets from Michael’s.  I painted the names a dull gold and gave the wood discs a quick coat of white paint.  The main goal in painting the discs is to get the SIDES covered in white.  Meanwhile, Honey sprayed the boards black.
3.  Modge Podge till your heart’s content.

Ok y’all, this was my virgin modge podge experience.  And it was ALL it’s cracked up to be!  If it weren’t for the craziness of school, I’d likely have modge podged half of my house by now.  To make the “expectations” magnets, you’ll need your painted wood discs, modge podge, magnets and chores printed out and cut to 1 1/2″ circles.

To get your modge podge on, use a foam brush and paint a light coat on the top of the wood disc and on the back of the chore paper…

…then stick the two together.  Let dry for 15 minutes then go back and add a second thin coat on top.  Dry for 15 more minutes, wash, rinse, repeat for the third coat.

4. Hot glue
Once your modge podged discs are fully dry, glue a magnet to the back of each one.

5.  Finish up.
Glue the names to the top of the board and draw a line down the middle with a white paint pen.  Honey drilled the boards right into the wall with a screw.  I then put a dab of black paint on the screw to help it blend in.

This chart has helped tremendously around these parts.  John is extremely motivated by money and the threat of lost earnings is usually just enough to keep him in line :-)  Oh, and if you think my two year old that didn’t know his name, age or gender last week has all of sudden started unloading the dishwasher, fear not.  Cookie’s chart is merely a place holder for now.

Speaking of the little monkey, I suppose it’s time to get him fed before the scrawling (as we affectionately call his full lunged cross between a scream and bawl) commences.

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23 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Hello!

    Your mudroom is perfect!
    What a great idea for the weekly chores!! A very nice way to encourage positive feedback and reward for a job well done…

    Visiting you today via CBPH!
    I have joined you as a new follower as well!

    All the Best,

  2. Super cute and creative. I think I would have had to add a third board for a honey-do list…maybe with just a side for needs to be done and a side for done!

  3. Oh my gosh! That is the BEST job chart ever. So straight forward for the kids to do and it looks AMAZING!! I'm gonna have to make one of these puppies for my little ones!

  4. Hi Amanda! I'm revisiting this post….:) I just love your mudroom. We have a great one as well but I am always re-doing, tweaking, etc… As the needs change, kids/activities/seasons change, etc…. Always a work in progress! Anyhow, one of my biggest issues to date is papers! Schedules, etc…. Things I'd like to post for easy access-I was wondering how you handle this? Do you " post" things in plain site, use a binder, etc….? Do you use your mudroom for this or operate from a desk/command center we have yet to see? That would be a great post from you, I'd love to know/see:) thanks –


  5. Hi Amanda – The chalkboard in the mudroom is magnetic so we use that to put papers up. If it's just a list of class mates, coupons, etc. I keep those in the drawers in the mudroom. I usually also have a pile (I try to keep it to just 1 and sort it daily) on the counter in the kitchen with school papers that need to be returned, info about a call that needs to be made, etc. Hope that helps! I wish I had a secret office or command center in hiding :-)

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