The Final Count Down

Tomorrow’s the big day and we spent the final leg of our count down having all sorts of fun!

October 23: Spooky Sunday Supper
I shared all the frightening details earlier in the week…

October 24: Lunchable Lunch
Is it just my littles or do all children clamor for things like Lunchables?  The PCP was beyond excited when the Halloween Witch provided a lunchable for him to carry off to school.

October 25: Decorate Pumpkins
The littles went to town with markers on their mini pumpkins.  I accidentally deleted the picture of their lovely creations before uploading them.  Perhaps I can snag one tomorrow.

October 26:  Cookie’s Class Party
Cookie donned his Mickey ensemble for his class performance and party!

October 27: Play Date
John went over to a classmate’s house for loads of after school fun!

October 28: Monopoly Kick-off
We loooove to play games around these parts.  And let me assure you, the competition is fierce.  We kicked-off a weekend long marathon game of Monopoly Friday night and the PCP was the big winner at bed time tonight.  Of course, the game is now under protest (by me) seeing as the PCP revealed that he said “bippidi boppidi boo give me some of mommy’s money” and somehow most of my money appeared in his hand when I wasn’t looking.

October 29: Halloween Carnival and GT Football (and a cocktail party)
We costumed up and headed to the club for the annual Halloween Carnival, complete with games, bouncing, trick or treating, eating, crafts and a costume contest!

Afterwards we headed down to GT for an afternoon of tailgating fun with Honey’s fraternity brothers…

And we wrapped up the night at a neighborhood cocktail costume party.  Where I took home the award for best costume in my fabulous 80’s girl get-up compliments of new neighbor A’s closet at the eleventh hour.

October 30: Wormy Sunday Supper
Our last Sunday Supper in October was teeming with terribly gross worms, of all things.  The littles thought it was awfully fun to dine on worm sandwiches and a wormy dessert brain.  To make your own worm sandwiches, cut hot dogs lengthwise into four slices and then cook per the package instructions before tossing in ketchup.  The brain jello mold was FREE (plus $2.95 shipping) from the Kraft Store and it went over so fantastically that I see many, many more brain concoctions in my future.

Tomorrow is the big day and we are SO excited!!!
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  1. Your costumes are all so adorable! I love it.
    So..I couldn't find an email on your site and I wanted to send you an email inviting you to be a part of a series of guests post on my blog for Christmas. I would love to send you more information, if you think you might want to participate. Just let me know!

    Brie from
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