Pumpkin Teeth {Free Printable}

The baby had his Halloween fete at school yesterday and, over the course of a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes and one gazillion trips to the potty, we whipped up these cute little bags of Pumpkin Teeth for the occasion.  As was expected, the candy went over all too well with the sugar crazed two year olds and I just might have seen more than one parent chuckling at the label.  And speaking of *the label*, for the very first time, I am just as pleased as punch to be able to offer the Pumpkin Teeth free printable!  Use them as labels or just print on card stock, cut out and tie to your candy corn bags!!

Pumpkin Teeth Halloween Favor Tag
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I cried a river when the little Cookie lined up with his class, proudly outfitted in his Mickey costume, to march into the gym and sing a medley of Halloween diddys. They can barely talk, much less sing, which made it all the more precious.  After the performance, the littles hustled to the classroom for sweets and treats and pizza galore.

I must note that since Honey started his new job this week and already had to ask off for various baseball engagements, he was unable to make Cookie’s party.  When I sat down to show him the pictures he said with surprising nonchalance “Poor Cookie.  He’s a lady bug?”  Hmmm…and I thought the ears were a dead give away.  I swear I married the most unobservant man on the planet.  Which generally serves me well (read: I can totally redo a room and it’s almost guaranteed he won’t notice.)

Cookie and I will be making and decorating cupcakes today as the PCP’s baseball team could very well come home season champs from their game tonight!!  Please cross your fingers for me that that’s the case as I would very much like to go to a little champagne and cupcake soiree at a local boutique with fun friend M tomorrow night rather than hitting the field and dining on hot dogs again.  Oh, and it would just be the bees knees for one certain five year old to come home with that gold championship trophy.  :-)

Now, cross those fingers y’all!


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  2. very cute!
    Unfortunately when I download the labels the text is missing??? Anyone else having this problem?

  3. Oh NO jennifer! I just tested it again and didn't have a problem. I can try emailing it to you. Email me at peachstatebelle at yahoo dot com if you would like me to. Thanks!

  4. I think it has something to do with the spooky font you used since I can't download the s'more tags with spooky font either. Weird, but no worries… I sent in a different treat for my littles today. (mummy treats!)

    Thanks so much for offering to email it to me though and thanks so so much for sharing all your wonderfully creative ideas :-)

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