Red Ribbon Week

As if the Halloween Countdown isn’t enough of a daily task to manage, we went ahead and added Red Ribbon Week to the agenda.

Red Ribbon Week is how the PCP’s school gets together and presents a unified and visible commitment toward the creation of a Drug-Free America.  Honey and I continued the fun at home, participating in the daily activities to reiterate our belief in healthy, drug-free, and violence-free lifestyles.

And while there was an activity each day of the week, we had THE MOST fun on Don’t Let Drugs Turn You Inside Out Day.  We wore our clothes inside out (at the recommendation of the school) all day long and then we went bonkers at our inside out, upside down and backwards SiLlY sUpPeR!!

Balloons were hung.  Upside down!

The table was set.  Under the table!

We ate our sweets first, supper next and salad last.  In reverse!

Pizza puffs were inside out with the cheese in the middle and sauce on top and ice cream cones were served upside down!  (I’d been drooling over the pizza puffs on Pinterest but must warn you that they look about one gazillion times better than they taste.)

After our SiLlY supper, we played Chutes and Ladders.  Backwards!

And every other day of the week held something fun!

Wear Something Red Day
Not only did we all wear red, but I packed a “red” lunch for the PCP, including a left over slice of ghost pizza, cherry tomatoes and and apple.

Put a Cap on Drugs Day

Wear your favorite cap or hat day.

We Don’t Mix With Drugs Day
Wear mismatched clothing.

Team Up Against Drugs Day
Wear a team shirt or jersey.

And now I’ve got to scoot!  We’ve made pancakes, been to mass, worked the nursery and still have brunch at the club and a ball game ahead of us.  Busy busy!

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One thought on “Red Ribbon Week

  1. I love all of your ideas for the week. How fun. Eating under the table and in reverse order is just such a cute idea. I am sure the children thought the entire week was fun, and such a great way to remind them of the Drug Free Lifestyle. Great post and so much fun. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

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