Tell Your Brother

…You’re Sorry.

Sweet Sister came across this darling sign by a Georgia artist at Scott Antique Market and couldn’t pass it up.  Apparently I’ve been overheard saying this on multiple and varied occasions.

I’m not at all surprised.

And that little reminder of sibling drama made me realize that I never shared this long forgotten post-it note, found on the inside of my childhood closet on my last visit to Savannah.

I wrote the contract “I will not wear any more of Amanda’s clothes this week.”  Sister signed it.  Seventeen years ago.  I sure wish I could remember how I convinced her to sign such a thing.  I either let her wear a prized article of clothing (likely some neon number from Limited Express…back before it came just Express) or I caught her in the act of something devious and this was a twisted sort of blackmail that would behoove us both.  You would not believe the knock-down-drag-outs we used to have in the mornings before school…

Sisters.  Brothers.  Same song, different verse. :-)

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2 thoughts on “Tell Your Brother

  1. Every time I see that Post It note in your closet it makes me feel good! I guess it is like a little bit of my girls are still here in the house with us. How lucky I am to have such wonderful daughters, even with the occasional squabbling that took place.

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