The Years Are Short

Yesterday, I was flipping through pics on my iphone and came across this sweet thing, taken shortly before our Disney trip.

It melts my heart to see that darling boy sleeping in the very same way he’s slept all of his two and three quarter years on this earth.  In the same sideways position, right up against the bumper, sucking his paci and clutching his lambie and jelly cat.

So what breaks my heart is that he no longer has paci.  He “gave it to Mickey” and hasn’t looked back.  Three years and it’s gone just like that.

On top of bidding adieu to the paci, we made a trip to Target yesterday for undies.  And he’s been wearing them.  Not to get ahead of myself, but it’s even gone pretty successfully.

It took all of about half a day for the baby to realize that which all men seem to innately be prone to…taking care of business in the yard under the great open sky (as opposed to any one of our perfectly appointed potties).  Undies left forgotten in the yard whilst the baby rides his scooter, happy as a lark in nothing but his PJ top.

All of this should make me want to sing from the rooftops (it sure did with his big brother), but instead I’m left staring into the beautiful baby blues of a boy trying to grow up faster than I’m ready for.  As one of my oldest friends recently said “the days are long but the years are short.”  Way too short.

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3 thoughts on “The Years Are Short

  1. This is so true. i often find myself wanting my kids to be able to "do for themselves", but I so wish these precious toddler years lastest a bit longer.

  2. ain't that the truth. i am savoring the teeny baby days (and even…the middle of the night feedings) this time around because i now know how quickly they are gone!

  3. You have so eloquently stated exactly how I feel about my littlest "little" who is turning 3 this month. This time is so precious!!

    However, we are not doing well in the potty training department so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Keep us posted on the progress!

    Thanks again for sharing :-)

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