33 thoughts on “Deck the Halls

  1. WOW!! Your decorations look spectacular!! Love the wreaths on the dining room chairs. You are way more motivated than me. I was happy to get one tree done today :) Enjoy your Christmas!

  2. Everything is beautiful your wreaths look perfect..I see ya'll are Tybee lovers also.. There's no better place on earth..
    hugs & happy holiday's from Savannah, Cherry

  3. It all looks wonderful ~ and I'm jealous that you are finished from top to bottom!! Enjoy your Christmas season.

  4. i say this with complete love… and slight jealousy… but i'm going to need to know what meds you're on, and where i can get some! wow!!!! this is incredible; so beautiful and such thoughtful attention to detail! i'm floored, and would like you to bottle some of your energy and creativity and send it my way, k thanks. :)

  5. Your home looks gorgeous! Love it all! Elegant and comfortable at the same time. Thanks so much for sharing – you are always an inspiration.

    Now a couple questions!

    How do you attach the outside wreaths to your windows? We used to hang them by ribbons but got lazy and stopped.

    Also, did you make your garland on the stairs? It looks very full and beautiful.


  6. Betsy – we use very strong suction cups – I think they are called action hooks or action cups. They hold anything! I did make the garlands. I start with two inexpensive strands and twist them together. Then I buy nicer garlands and cut them with wire cutters into about 18" pieces and tuck them in to the inexpensive pieces. It gives a really full look for a much cheaper price because the expensive garland goes further. That being said, I bought the pricier garland a few years back half off at hobby lobby so it still was affordable :-)

  7. Such splendor to see your beautiful house decorated for Christmas, I so enjoyed your fabulous tour. You did an awesome job all over the house, every single space is gorgeous and congrats for your enthusiasm and lovely taste. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh my goodness! Your home looks so gorgeous any time of year but with the Christmas decor it is just over the top beautiful! :-) Loved every single room and all of your attention to detail. Thank you so much for sharing this at the Blogger Block party!

  9. Every detail in your home is amazing! It's so bright and cheerful as well as elegant and sophisticated. Fabulous job! Thank you so much for sharing at the Block Party and at the Christmas in the Kitchen link!


  10. Your home is beautiful. Glad I found your site. I'm a new follower. Stop by and visit and follow too if you like. Warm wishes

  11. Wow! Where to begin? I just remembered how much I love that tiered burlap skirt in your foyer. Your home looks so welcoming and festive. And by the way, I want those lamps in the dining room when you get tired of them :)

    Thank you for joining the party!

  12. O.M.Goodness, this is my first visit and yopur home is EXQUISITE!!! I loved my tour and will be a new follower! I love your STYLE and home! Happy New Year!! XO, Pinky

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