How We Spent Our Halloween

After a month long count down, the big day didn’t disappoint.  Here’s how we spent our Halloween…

We overslept and somehow and quite miraculously went from bed to bus in TEN minutes.  A record by any measure.  Needless to say, the Halloween pancakes didn’t happen.  And nobody missed them :-)

Armed with Hallo-wiener and Trick or Treat, I donned my witchy striped tights, black dress and spooky spider headband to surprise John as his class Mystery Reader today.  Except I mixed up my dates and there was no mystery reader today.  (Mrs. B is such a doll that she let me do my bit anyway.)

We lunched on yummy soup with Bird and Sister at Panera and then hit Whole Foods, Target, Michael’s and a couple of SUPER fab home decor shoppes that recently opened in my area.  And we almost collapsed in a fit of hysterics when the pirate that carried our groceries out of Whole Foods nearly split his pants.

The baby misplaced my keys and, after a frantic search, we raced to tennis arriving approximately twenty minutes late.  (All that after last week’s escapades when the baby locked my keys in the car and we had to beg a ride to and fro.)

We came home to find that the “Witch Mail” actually arrived!!!

We tooled around outside and the littles tore into Halloween treats from Bird.  (Oh, thanks for the BOXES of candy, Sister.  As I’m sure you can imagine, they were well received.)

Daddy came home early and played ball in the yard.  I almost caught up on Desperate Housewives.

We got on our Halloween get-ups.

Honey took the little’s to Grandma Juju’s house.  She was passing out five dollar bills to kids dressed like Mickey and Perry.

A crew of fun friends bearing pizza came by for a pre-trick or treating supper.

We trick or treated. And trick or treated.  And then trick or treated some more.  (And I have determined that kids these days need a trick or treating boot camp.  ie.  You should actually SAY trick or treat when you ring the bell, you should only go to houses with the porch light on, you should only take one piece of candy at houses on the honor system and you should not be out doing the aforementioned things… or anything else… after nine o’clock.)

We sorted out our candy, choosing five pieces to keep and leaving the rest for the switch witch.

The littles crashed.

Honey is watching football.

And I am watching Ghost Hunters Live.  A guilty pleasure and a Halloween tradition.

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