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Along with a little group of  my fellow twi-hard team Edward besties, it has become our tradition to have a movie viewing session before each new installment in the Twilight saga.  Besties E and N have both taken their turns at hosting the fete, and I was giddy to do the honors this go round.

We were fans of the series from the get go, having read all of the books before even learning of the movies.  So, as you can imagine, we’ve read, reread, watched, re-watched and thoroughly dissected every page of the books and scene of the movies.  We even have Team Edward tees.
I set out to set a festive table without spending a dime.  E and N provided themed plates, napkins and a life sized Edward standee left over from past affairs.  I printed movie quotes, had Honey collect sticks from the yard, dredged up fake jewels (since vampires sparkle in the sun), and pre-purposed the apples that will become apple pie on Thanksgiving.
Since Bella dined on mushroom ravioli on her first date with Edward and the Cullen’s prepared an Italian feast for her birthday celebration, I went with a prepare-in-advance party friendly baked mushroom ravioli dish and caesar salad for the main course.  (I used this recipe for the ravioli, but substituted with actual mushroom ravioli and homemade alfredo sauce.)  The guests all brought appetizers, just I just provided some cinnamon red hot popcorn from Heavenly Gourmet and good old salted popcorn for movie watching, and vampire bite red velvet cupcakes for something sweet.
And after refreshing on New Moon, we took our blood bags of Twizzlers (Bella’s candy of choice, and left over from the cowboy party to boot) with us to the theater for Breaking Dawn Part 1.  Aside from a weird wolf talking scene and too many frames of blood vessels, it was all around fang-tastic.  
Now to wait an entire year before Part 2…
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4 thoughts on “Team Edward

  1. That's absolutely wonderful! My best friend and I also had a viewing party prior to watching Breaking Dawn, not as beautiful as yours though. I also agree with you, that wolf scene seemed out of place to me, and all the internal shots of blood rushing through veins was unnecessary.

  2. i love all the little details! my friends & i usually do a party when the movies come out on dvd vs. prior to the movie.. it's so much fun! :)

    i kinda thought the wolf scene was an interesting nod to the part of the story that was told from jacob's perspective.. but i get it wasn't for everyone. :)

    as for the internal scenes, i agree, they were a bit over done. a few would have been good at the beginning to acknowledge things were going in the right direction, for those who aren't readers of the books… but the second set was not needed as they clearly SHOWED what was happening to her on the outside! :)

    what was up with that crazy cgi baby face there when jacob imprints though? HORRIBLE!

    overall though, SO happy with the movie! :)

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