Elfin Magic

Since returning to the North Pole the morning of our annual Snowflake Breakfast, our friendly family elf, Scout, has been busy as a bee turning up in the darndest places.  We’ve also been giving the littles small treats each day as we count down to Christmas!

Naughty or Nice?
When Publix rang to tell me that the PCP won the monthly cookie cake giveaway, I knew it was a fab contender for one of Scout’s daily treats.  The kind and rather elderly lady at the counter seemed particularly puzzled at why I’d want my child’s free cake iced to say “Naughty or Nice?”.  When I attempted to explain…”our elf named Scout flies in each morning from the North Pole and brings a treat for the littles”…she clearly and quite rightfully thought I was off my rocker.  I, in turn, felt the exact same sentiment when I picked up the cake and it was iced in blue.  Alas, you get what you pay for and it did taste pretty darn delish.  :-)

Movie and Popcorn
Each December I go crazy recording all of the Christmas shows on ABC Family.  One of Scout’s favorite treats is to start the movie, pop some corn and drag out the sleeping bags for an after school movie treat.  The elf garners great accolades for this one.  Oh, and it’s FrEe!

Lucky Charms
Taking a cue from his best friend the Leprechaun, Scout left out bowls of Lucky Charms for a school morning breakfast.  Since I rarely buy sugary cereal and never buy it in these cups, the littles were thrilled.  To say the least.

On days when we have a treat like an already scheduled play date, party at school, or family outing like Breakfast with Santa, the zoo or our carriage ride, our elf turns up in the darndest places…  (potty humor courtesy of Honey and discovered with supreme delight by the PCP)

And while I’m sharing all this holiday randomness, I’ll leave you with a (likely illegally) scanned in photo of the littles with the loveliest and jolliest Santa in the South.  There’s a reason why you have to book him three months in advance :-)

He’s quite the little elf, huh? (Scout, not Santa)

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