Frosty the S’more-man

UPDATE 12/18/12: See here for a NEW free printable file!

Yesterday at Darling Doodles I shared this cute and easy treat for all the little’s upcoming holiday parties!  Use them for a classroom snack, a party favor or just to leave in your friend’s mailboxes!

For each Frosty the S’more-man, you’ll need:

2 graham cracker squares

1 mini chocolate bar

1 Snowman Peep

1 cello bag – mine measure 4″x6″ and I purchased them at Hobby Lobby.  Michael’s also carries them

1 FREE printable bag topper, below

double stick tape or staples

Load up your baggie with the goodies, print the bag topper, cut along the lines (I included a page with cutting lines and page without in the free pdf), fold in half and adhere to your bag with double stick tape or a staple.

Frosty the Smore Man
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They’re cute, easy, cheap and full of holiday cheer!  It doesn’t get much better than that :-)  Now, I just happen to be in the market for a cute snow, snowflake or snowman craft…do share your ideas, pretty please!


Grateful for the feature at Bacon Time.

12 thoughts on “Frosty the S’more-man

  1. Amanda,

    Very cute!

    On my way out – will try to quickly share a fun/easy snowman craft.

    You make a snowman out of socks. Fill the bottom with clear bead type things (can't think of the name). Then you use stuffing. Rubberband where you want the neck to be. Fill the head. Tie off. Turn the top down just a little and cover with a baby sock (for the hat). I always hot glue a pom pom on top. Decorate with squiggly eyes and buttons.

    If you are interested just leave a note and I can try to send a photo or probably find a link for you online.


  2. Hi! I'm back again with the link for the snowman socks – it's – friendly snowman sock.

    We also made a snowman doorstop out of a brick paver.


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