School Birthdays

My littles both celebrate their birthdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This is interesting considering my “master plan” called for late spring birthdays…you know, when the weather is warm and before classmates scatter for summer vacations.  Of course, in said “master plan” all three of my children were perfectly coiffed and properly smocked little girls with gigantic bows in their hair, sweet gold bracelets on their wrists and pristine Mary Janes on their feet.  But I severely digress…

Back in the real world, I’ve been busy as a bee with birthdays.  Just as soon as the PCP wrapped up his big day we switched gears to make plans for the baby’s impending big day.  Cause we loooove birthdays around these parts.

In addition to parties at home with friends and family, we also do a simple celebration to mark the day at school.  The PCP requested a Phineas and Ferb cookie cake for his affair and, while it seemed quite overwhelming at first, it turned out pretty darn cute.

In a large jelly roll pan, I patted down THREE rolls of cookie dough.  I could not tell you how long I baked it for but I can for sure say I over did it a bit…I was only slightly nervous about chipping a kindergarten tooth on the thing.  Given it’s very, um, solid form, I went ahead and sledgehammered through it before icing it to make it easier to serve to the class.  And, I must admit that I think this was a pretty good move – even had it been a precisely baked confection.  I eyeballed the cartoon heads and piped them on with pre-made icing.  I figure I spent about $10 on the cake (cookie dough was on BOGO) and was pretty pleased with my thriftiness seeing as my local cookie shoppe wanted nearly forty dollars for a (albeit perfectly baked) cake of the same size.  My favorite six year old (and his Daddy too) thought it was the bees knees.  

Today was the baby’s turn to celebrate his birthday at school.  (If you are wondering, I have no plans to stop calling him “the baby” anytime soon.  Or ever for that matter.)  Cookie is still smitten with Mickey Mouse so cupcakes adorned with his likeness were a no-brainer.  He was beyond excited when we made them last night, asking with genuine awe as he looked at them “These cupcakes for me?  For my birfday?”  (Yes, just for you and your birthday.)  “They for brober too?  (No baby, just for you and your class because it’s your special day.) To which followed an incredible grin and a squeal of pure joy.  He sure knows how to melt his momma’s heart.

Unfortunately, the pure joy and happiness didn’t translate to the party.  That’s a three year old for ya, I suppose.  He laid on the floor, covered his face, said no to pictures and cried while we sang.  Yet, he managed to pull himself together long enough to lick every iota of icing off of his cupcake and leave nary a crumb in the wrapper.  And by the time we made it home he was back to his usual cheery mood and toddler antics.

While we’re on the topic of school birthdays, the PCP’s teacher celebrated her big day in the midst of it all.  Each of her students contributed a single flower to make a bouquet and a favorite recipe for a little cookbook.  The PCP also brought in a cupcake bearing the sentiment “hope your birthday takes the cake”.  I mean, it’s hardly a birthday without cake!

Oh, and I wouldn’t trade my two savage boys, complete with “rats in their hair”, scrapes on their knees and dirt under their fingernails, for those three imaginary little girls any day of the week.  As for the holiday birthdays, I’d change those in a minute.

Happy weekend, y’all…

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  1. Sweet birthdays!!! Not sure if you did this, but adding 1/4 cup of corn syrup for each roll of cookie dough will keep the cookie soft. I adore the baked cookies. We don't have a shop near us and this recipe has proven to be great with pillsbury.

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