To say we’re “in to” Pokemon around here would be the understatement of the year.  Single-mindedly obsessed would be a more apt description.  That being said, imagine the PCP’s utter delight when he trotted to the box to find a package addressed to him.

Inside was a sweet note from Aunt V and Uncle J, a picture of our handsome cousin Riley, and a staggering stack of “vintage” Pokemon lovingly passed down from said cousin.

Since then, the PCP has spent hours on end pouring through the cards, rearranging his decks, shuffling his collector albums and referencing them against the guide he purchased with two weeks worth of allowance at the book fair.
While this gift of quiet has been much appreciated by yours truly, I suspect Mimi is shuttering at the thought of all the new Pokemon she’ll have to read to the PCP on her next visit.  You see, she made the horrific mistake of pretending to not only like Pokemon but to also purport to be well versed on the darned things.
And on losing his third tooth at bedtime, the boy proclaimed this his “new best day ever.”  To which I repeated, “hold on to six as long as you can.”
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3 thoughts on “Pokemon!

  1. How adorable! He must be so very excited to receive such a wonderful surprise!

    I can understand the whole Pokemon craze. My 6 year old granddaughter is totally into all things Pokemon. She has really mastered the game too. One of her highlights of the year was walking into the Japan Pavilion/store at Epcot and seeing all the Pokemon items..She was in "Pokemon heaven".

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