Split Personality

Despite what all the “experts” say about decorating your bedroom first, it’s always the last space done for us.  I’ve never shared this space because, as it stands today, mine has a bad case of split personality disorder.  And if I do nothing else in 2012, I WILL finish my bedroom!
Here’s the good side…
And here’s the bad side… (note the lack of art, outlet covers, dresser decor, etc.)
(The bad side doesn’t even taken into account the closet and bathroom.  Neither of which am I brave enough to share on the internet at this juncture.)
The biggest thing standing in the way of finishing the room is the paint color.  It doesn’t look too bad in these pictures, but it’s pretty horrific in person.  Kind of hospital-ish green (sheer torture for a gal who abhors hospitals.)  I picked every paint color for every room in the house in a week (ONE week!) and this is the only one I’ve wanted to re-do.  And, in my defense, it was a color match of a color match and evidently something got lost in translation.
So, I’ve been mulling over blues, grays, creams and tans for about six months now and am still unable to pull the trigger.  Seems kind of silly, but this is my most daunting decorating dilemma to date.  
If you’ve got any favorite colors, send them my way!
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24 thoughts on “Split Personality

  1. The master is on my to-do list this year as well. I think yours has a lot going for it already! Love the lantern over the bed, and your lamps are gorgeous!

  2. ice cap – benjamin Moore – it is the light blue/grey/green that is my entire downstairs. It is more coastal, but you have coastal decor

  3. From the pictures, it looks beautiful! Do you help others with decorating dilemmas? Would love your help!

  4. You would never know it looks bad in person because the pictures look beautiful – and I LOVE that lantern over your bed. I think I agree with others on the grayish tones. I think that would look great. You should check out that blog – Favoritepaintcolors.blogspot for some inspiration. That might help.
    Can't wait to see what you do!

  5. Maybe since you've been mulling over this color sceme for your bedroom. It's not what you really want. Why not do a soft gray- blue and use a pearlized finish( I did in my daughter bedroom. It looks like the inside of an oyster. The more I think about it the more I love it, you might be able to do it over exciting wall color. If you go this route, I would paint your dresser in ASCP napoleon. Leaving your bedding as is. I can tag B in a FB picture. And you can see finish I am speaking off. Let me know if you want me to.

  6. I love Sherwin Williams "Ivorie" it is a pretty cream color with a yellow undertone but not too much…..I love that there is no pinky undertones to it. Navajo white is also a good one if you want more of a white….i believe they are on the same color card/fan (whatever its called)
    I painted my entire new home with just those colors and I think they are all fabulous!!!!

    Your room looks divine!

  7. It looks like you would like a gray with bluish undertones. The walls in the first pic are coming across as a grayish color and it looks GOOD! Good luck. XO, Pinky

  8. I sooo appreciate all of these ideas!

    Jackie – I absolutely adore the idea of a wall of built ins. It is definitely going on the long term plan! Mother just did a project with pearlized paint and it was gorgeous…I'm definitely going to consider!

    Kelley – I'd love to do that one day. Right now I have two little people that gobble up nearly all of my time :-) They are already tortured enough with my own decor projects. I am so flattered that you asked and if you want to email me I'll definitely help if I can!

  9. I am terrible with paint colors – they never come out the way I expect. But I think a soft blue/grey would be really pretty in the space.

    And I have to know – what kind of cover do you have on the bed? We have a really tall bed with giant mattresses and I can't find antyhing that even comes close to the floor. Think highwaders(?) just on a bed. Awful. Just awful.

  10. Brandi – It's a spread with a full drop skirt called Essex from Horchow. My bed isn't very tall but my mattress is pretty thick. Thanks for reading :-)

  11. Amanda,

    The room still looks beautiful (and it makes me feel better than everything isn't done)! I know you will pick just the right color! Can't wait to see!

    I'm glad someone asked about the bedspread. Just might have to copy the idea. I have a blue and white comforter also. Would love to see a close up of your comforter – is there a shell design on it?

    I am repainting master bath and using a print from Bermuda for my inspiration. Now thinking I can add a few "sea" touches to the master bedroom since it is done in blues!

    I, too, love the ocean…and like how you have added the "beach" without it being over the top!


  12. The master is on my to do list this year also. I love yours. I thought I wanted to have pale aqua walls so I had my husband paint them and now I'm not so sure. I'm going with dark wood floors and I like to add a faux fireplace in white stone or resien. I want to get rid of the chest and dresser and have built in's in our closets so. Then I'd like to get two chairs and a new computer desk/chair. Which brings me to, I absolutely love your chair and would of never thought of having it monogramed. How perfectly southern. Another big problem is that I have "four" small windows. Not sure what window treatments will work. You can see why I'm afraid to get started.

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