Hot Hot Hot Fireplace!

On the first chilly day after moving into our house two and a half years ago, I bee-lined to the fireplace to turn it on.  And nothing happened.  Nice gas fireplace they touted on the MLS listing, huh?

So, two winter’s later we finally got it all inspected and returned to working order.  I did the research on how much each phase of getting it up and running would cost: 1) figuring out what’s wrong with the gas since nothing happened when we turned the key and 2) getting the chimney inspected to ensure it was in good working order. We opted to go with the gas first, thinking that if it were really expensive to fix then we’d just abandon the process and wouldn’t have invested the money in a needless inspection of the chimney.  
When the gas man arrived he poked around and proclaimed that some thing was clogged with ashes, thus preventing the gas from making it into the fire box.  He carted the thing outside, dusted it off and announced it as good as new.  Here’s the conversation that followed…
Johnny: “Mam, are you going to keep burning real wood in here?”
Me: “No.  Why?  I’m going to be burning those fabulous gas logs, of course.”
Johnny: “Gas logs?”
Me: “Yes.  They are so nice that my sister has been trying to buy them from me.  But I knew I’d get this thing up and running one day.  She is so impressed by them that she hasn’t been able to buy any herself because she can’t find any as realistic as mine.”
Johnny: “Really!  Well, that would’ve been something if you’d sold your sister these old logs and told her they were gas logs.”
Me:  “Wait.  WHAT??  They aren’t gas logs?”
Johnny: *nearly rolling on the floor with laughter* “No, mam.  These are just good old fashioned wood.”
So, this project went the way that most projects go around these parts.  Twice the steps and double the budget.  A few short weeks later and my new gas logs arrived.  And a couple days after that I was *lucky* enough that the chimney inspector I’d previously scheduled to come out was also certified to install said gas logs.  For a price, of course.
With all that behind us, I’m pretty darn giddy to have it all in working order.  You know, for the two days we’ve had below 50 degrees.  :-)
And that’s the last project on the den to-do list!  I’ll snap some pictures and share it in it’s entirety super soon.

PS. I ordered the Real Fyre 24″ Split Oak Designer Plus vented log set with the G45 burner.  Daddy-O was instrumental in selecting this particular set and I must say they are extremely nice looking!  I also purchased the Real Fyre decorative acorns but am not really impressed with them.  They hardly show up.  I ordered both from Gas Log Guys.  Click here to see them.

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12 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot Fireplace!

  1. Don't you just love when the handyman is smarter than you? Our last house had an awful dishwasher. Imagine my surprise when it completely stopped working!!! I immediately went out and bought an oh so fabulous dishwasher. Installer came to put it in. Told him the dishwasher completely stopped working. He went to kitchen sink and flipped a light switch. Dishwasher commenced running. Apparently in Ohio it's code for a dishwasher to be hooked to a light switch for emergency shut off!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep– it cost me 1000 dollars to lean about building codes in Ohio.

  2. Molly – they are real fyre ordered online – next time I turn on my computer I'll look up the details as I don't recall the name if the site :-). Your party this weekend looked fab!! Might steal that for Honey's bday.

  3. LOL- We have gas logs, too, after years of burning real wood. I must say I love the convenience but miss the crackle and pop of the real wood dropping down into the grate.

    Your room looks great and the fireplace is beautiful! xo Diana

  4. Loved this story! I really want to convert my woodburning fp to gas. I think it is pretty expensive to do…so I just dream about it. Your fireplace is lovely.


  5. Nope kept it. The other dishwasher had a heavy wood panel on the outside and swung open hard. We had little toddlers at the time and my husband constantly worried about the door knocking the babies unconscious. It worked out in my favor as the appliance had to "match". And I got a new oven, and stove and microwave

  6. You and your sister are so funny, and sometimes I do wonder about your brains……….but then I remember that you both did graduate from GA TECH!

  7. I have seen the Real Fyre logs at the shown off PT Indust (OTP). Very nice! And I think they make little acorns that make the "crackle pop" sound.

  8. Hey Molly – I ordered them from They are Peterson Real Fyre 24 Inch Split Oak Designer Plus Log Set With Vented Natural Gas G45 Burner – Match Light. They are lovely!! xo

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