Me, A to Z

A. age :: thirty five
B. bed size :: king

C. chore you hate :: unloading the dishwasher

D. dogs :: None.  Though I know three boys that would like to change that stat.
E. essential start to your day :: an ice cold co-cola
F. favorite color :: PINK!

G. gold or silver :: both

H. height :: five two (on a tall day)
I. instruments you play :: None. Though I took a whirl at both piano and violin back in the day.
J. job title :: mostly just mommy
K. kids :: John aka the PCP (precious cutie pie) and Whit aka Cookie

L. live :: the peach state my whole life

M. movie :: Sweet Home Alabama

N. nicknames :: When I was little, Amanda Salamander.  I tried really super duper hard to make Mandi my nickname for a while.  Mostly so that my name would have an “i” that I could dot with a puffy heart.  These days it’s just mooooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyy.

O. overnight hospital stays :: Just when birthin’ my babies, thank heavens.  I really despise hospitals.

P. pet peeve :: people that are LATE and littles that throw my sofa cushions on the ground

Q. quote :: keep calm and carry on

R. righty or lefty :: right

S. siblings :: one little sister, visit her here

T. time you wake up :: 6:55 these days

U. university attended :: Georgia Tech undergrad and Georgia State grad

V. vegetables you dislike: none, unless olives are veggies

W. what makes you run late :: Nothing.  I’m almost never late.  See P above.
X. x-rays you’ve had :: just my pearly whites
Y. yummy food :: french fries, cheese grits, pimento cheese (palmetto cheese being my very fave), tomato pie

Z. zoo animal favorite :: I’m not the hugest zoo fan.  Perhaps the breastfeeding gorilla I saw on my last trip, if I had to choose.  That’s something you don’t see everyday.

I started this so long ago that now I can’t recall who tagged me.  I’m tagging: Calypso in the CountryHer Southern CharmOne Little Bird, calliespondence and The Uptown Acorn.

It’s been a glorious week in Georgia – mid-sixties and sunny.  We’ll be outside if you need us!!  (Take that Dr. H.)

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7 thoughts on “Me, A to Z

  1. Oh fun…thanks for tagging me! I cracked up over several of your answers – like ending your name in "i" so you could do it with a puffy heart! Send your kids up north if they need to have some dog-time…our puppy arrives on Saturday! (Shoot me now!) Actually I am getting excited too. Oh, and when I list my A to Z do I choose what each letter stands for or do I use the ones you had? I am such a newbie with this!…
    Thanks again -Shelley

  2. Hi, I'm popping over from Sherry's Open House Party. Love your blog, Palmetto pimento cheese and I'm your newest follower.

  3. Oh you are young enough to be my daughter but I am smitten with your and your sweet family and your post…I think the name "got me".Dixie Delights. I transplanted from FL to the Midwest~ So, my dear, I am your newest follower. No dogs here either and I HATE unloading the dishwasher. I think I did a whole post on that subject once. I found you through Sherry- xo Diana

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