Nursery Before & After

The baby left his sweet crib this week for a big boy bed.  *wipes tear from eye*  So before we start work on the next era of Whit’s room, I wanted to forever document the sweet little nursery that I’ll miss so when it’s gone.

Here’s the before before:
April 2009 086
And here’s the sweet nursery where he’s spent the first three years and three months of his life:
Paint – Benjamin Moore Heirloom Gold (walls) and Benjamin Moore Alabaster (trim)
Floor – unstained white oak
Rug – Ballard Designs outlet find
Carriage House Chandelier – Ballard Designs
Jenny Lind Crib – WalMart

And for the close ups…
March 2012 045
The crib bedding is from Carousel Designs (website, Facebook) with fabrics from the Baby Toile Horizon Collection. Our amazingly talented and positively darling friends Al and Leah own the company and generously provided the bedding. Even after three and a half years of use, washing and countless “incidents” the bedding still looks new. The PCP’s Pottery Barn crib bedding was literally falling apart when we moved him to a big boy bed at the ripe age of TWO. And not only is their bedding hands down the best I’ve seen, but Carousel Designs does some pretty inspiring work in conjunction with Operation Shower (an organization that honors the sacrifices military families make by coordinating baby showers for expecting personnel and their families) to boot. So hop on over and check them out – their site boasts hundreds of fabric selections that you can work with on a virtual nursery designer tool – an expectant mom’s dream, no?
March 2012 072
An oil painting of my canine niece Piper hangs over the crib.  Sconces and dogs from Home Goods.
March 2012 035
March 2012 076
March 2012 061
White slipper chairs from Ballard Designs in Quilted White.  (It appears they no longer offer with the pleated skirt.)  Dog canvases from Babies R Us.  Antique dresser from the baby’s great grandparents.  Floor lamp base from Pottery Barn Kids.  White drum shade embellished by me with trim from Lewis and Sheron.
March 2012 049
March 2012 079
Antique secretary desk holds the baby’s treasures.  Reproduction vintage phone from Pottery Barn.
March 2012 066
March 2012 071
Jenny Lind changing table from WalMart.  Blue buckets and changing pad cover from Babies R Us.  Baskets and liners from Pottery Barn Kids.  Art inspired by Restoration Hardware and made by me for a total cost of $20 – I simply used extra yardage of the bedding fabric to cut out animals with pinking shears, using clip art animals as a guide.  I printed Whit’s initials on cardstock, glued on the fabric animals and put in Hobby Lobby frames!  They say: W is for whale, H is for horse, I is for iguana and T is for turtle.
March 2012 086
March 2012 073
March 2012 091
Magazine rack from Pottery Barn Kids and toy box from Target.

And, as of today, his once darling room is bursting at the seams with furniture.  Oh, and why are the balloon shades covered with blankets, you ask?  Because the baby deemed them “vary skary”, of course.

March 2012 386

Oy, quite a lot of work to be done!

29 thoughts on “Nursery Before & After

  1. Such a beautiful nursery. The first two nurseries we put together were absolutely beautiful with such details. Unfortunatley when 3 and 4 came along they both got basically a hodge-podge of this and that. Kind of feel like I shorted them. I'm laughing at the towels over the curtains. Reminds me of how I had to cover the expensive murial on the wall because the tree looked like a monster in the dark. Money well spent. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a Darling Room! And it looks like he can move into his big boy room quite easily as it's not too babyish. Those are my favorite nurseries.
    XO Cindy

  3. Awww such a sweet nursery! I love the antique secretary in there to hold treasures – that was a lovely idea. I'm sure his big boy room will be equally fabulous (and not "skary" at all!)

  4. I love that crib! Have you been happy with it? I am picking one out and the only Jenny Lind styles I have found have been a bit out of my price range…

  5. I love that crib! I am currently searching for one and the only Jenny Lind styles I have found have been out of my price range…have you been happy with yours?

  6. Jen – I LOVE the crib. Used for over three years and never a problem. Actually held up better than the $800 crib that John had (grandparents bought it for us – so crazy to think we owned a crib that cost more than most furniture in our house LOL).

  7. What a beautiful nursery. Hope the transition to the big boy bed goes well! Love when you give your room tours, with sources and all! Wish you could come decorate my house!


  8. Thank you for the sweet mention, Amanda! His nursery was gorgeous and I'm sure his big boy room will be as well. Can't wait to see!

  9. Just beautiful!
    Good luck with the "big boy bed" transition…I just went through it myself with my three year old.

  10. What a beautiful baby nursery. Can you believe that the little guy is 3+ years old? Where does the time go? Right out of babyhood and into being a little boy! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the "big boy" room! xo Diana

  11. Loved the nursery. What a joy for him to grow up in such a beautiful room. It will be so fun ro see how you change it. However you do it I know it will be fabulous!


  12. What a gorgeous nursery your little guy had! I had to laugh at the "skary" curtains! My son has an airplane theme, and on one of my flea market outings, I found the most adorable vintage (cartoon like) porcelain pilot that was about a foot tall and sat on his dresser. (He had big cartoon eyes and an adorable animated face. My son, however, called him "scary pilot", and made me move him to my husband's office. (He is an actual pilot, so it fit right in with the aviation overload in his man cave!)
    It's funny what they deem scary! Can't wait to see what you do with his room! Your newest follower!

  13. What a beautiful nursery! I absolutely love the window treatment. I bet you'll do a fantastic job on the new room, too.:)

  14. What a gorgeous nursery! I have a little grandson who is nine months old. His room is all Peter Rabbit, but I'm seeing from you how we can start to add a few classic pieces that can transition easily as he gets older. Thanks for the inspiration!
    New follower,

  15. I saw your home featured on 6th Street Designs this morning and I just had to stop by to tell you how amazing everything looks. As I told her, I pinned as many pictures from that one post as I've pinned in an entire week! You don't happen to do any online design consultation, do you? We clearly have very similar tastes because I love every room in your house!

  16. Danielle – You are SO sweet! At this time I don't do consultations – the boys and my own little projects keep me more than busy :-) But when the baby goes to school one day… well, then I'd love to!! xo

  17. Ohh, lovely nursery! My little guy got randomly afraid of his curtain too…who knows why? Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!!

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