Savannah Day 4: Celebrating St. Pats

It’s been our tradition for the last few years to skip the downtown parade in favor of the beach parade.  It’s super kid friendly – they throw beads and candy from the floats (which is not allowed downtown) and it’s only about an hour long event (versus three downtown). 
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We arrived at the beach early, kicking off the festivities with a long lunch of fish tacos and white hibiscus sangria at my favorite beach haunt, the Tybee Island Social Club.
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March 2012 251
Afterwards we made an appearance at Mother’s friend’s annual beach shin dig for a hootin’ and a hollerin’ good time as always!
March 2012 257
And finally we made our way down to the parade route where the fun, candy, beads, beach characters and icy beverages were a plenty!
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March 2012 276
March 2012 282
Just as soon as the last float rolled by the littles were struck with the stomach bug.  And when I say they were struck by it, I’m not kidding in the least.  Both had to be almost completely undressed before we could even put them in the car, bless their hearts.

Cross you fingers that this one is quick and ends with them…

6 thoughts on “Savannah Day 4: Celebrating St. Pats

  1. We LOVE parades like this one! There is a little town here on Lake Michigan that has a fun parade like this every year.

    You have a beautiful family and I love coming here to see what you are up to- xo Diana

  2. So much fun, but so sorry to hear that they are not feeling well. Stomach bugs are THE worst!! Oh, by the way, I know the owner of Oceanfront Cottage Rentals. Her name is Stacey and she is wonderful. Her houses are wonderful as well!

  3. Well, I just don't believe ya'll were having one bit of fun–heehee! Marvelous festivities!

    By-the-way, your parents' home is absolutely lovely. I just got the chance to take the tour.

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