The Bunny-tini

Y’all know how I love my cocktails.  This one was so divine last year that it made a reappearance for Easter 2012 and was deserving enough for mention in countless other posts.  Pin this one for next year cause it’s a keeper…
April 2012 563

The Bunny-tini
3 1/2 cups Simply Raspberry Lemonade
3/4 cup coconut rum (Malibu)
5/8 cup amaretto
Simply mix, pour and embellish with a bunny Peep (cut a slit in the bottom of the Peep and the marshmallow inside will help stick it to your glass.)

April 2012 565
And fill up the little’s glasses with straight up raspberry lemonade.  Which is incredibly delish in it’s own right.

Sister did in fact break her foot and is now sporting an air cast on from knee to toes.  It’s quite the fashion conundrum, that thing.  Some are blaming the episode on the Bunny-tinis so please consume with caution :-)

Mother, the baby and I are headed to lunch with the PCP and will be making an appearance as Mystery Reader for his class.    Since he has visitors coming, the PCP is pleased as punch to be buying his lunch.  And luckily, sassy little E in his class let him know that only the vegetarian salad is a good choice seeing as it’s slime free.  A little nugget I’m glad to know as I embark on the always interesting school cafeteria adventure…

A Dixie Delights Easter:
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  1. Those look great. What a super cute idea. I could go for one of those just about now. Lol Hope you will link these up tonight at my Swing into Spring party that opens at 8pm EST tonight.

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